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On April 2, Easley held a grand 2017 national dealer conference. General manager Zheng Jingxin, executive deputy general manager Zheng Haoxing and senior leaders of the enterprise gathered with dealers across the country

looking back on 2016, the brilliance is fresh in our eyes.

looking forward to 2017, we are full of hope.

we have been working hard for a year.

at this moment,

we will meet again as scheduled

"cohesion? Concentration | Creation + future"

Ashley welcomes the Iraqi family back

on April 2, Easley held a grand 2017 national dealer conference. Together with general manager Zheng Jingxin, executive deputy general manager Zheng Haoxing and senior leaders of the enterprise, Easley gathered with dealers across the country to discuss 2017 brand action and strategic planning, and write a new chapter of 2017's rapid development

the conference was also attended by Ashley's strategic partners and many industry media. During this period, today's headlines broadcast the whole conference live to witness the transformation and upgrading of Ashley home for 17 years

gather all the strength to power the national market

"2017 is a year of both opportunities and challenges. Ashley will launch the K8 system, including market research system, goal setting and monitoring system, conference system, etc., to pave the way for a strong increase in dealer turnover!" Mr. Zheng Haoxing, executive vice president of Easley, said at the meeting

In addition, Mr. Zheng Haoxing, the executive vice president, reviewed the ups and downs of the enterprise in 2016. In 2016, Easley made frequent moves: establishing a Beijing Branch, signing a brand image spokesperson for Hawick Lau, and entering the Beijing Huaxia Home Expo several times, and constantly set new milestones for the brand. At the same time, Mr. Zheng Haoxing called on everyone to strengthen confidence and walk hand in hand in 2017

the award ceremony witnessed the honor

in 2016, Easley achieved many proud achievements and development, which could not be separated from the cohesion and courageous efforts of the terminal Iraqi family. At the annual meeting, Ashley ceremoniously commended and honored the outstanding dealer representatives in 2016, and encouraged the excellent family members to make persistent efforts. In 2017, they continued to roll up their sleeves and work hard, which was also an incentive to dealers across the country

Mr. zhengjingxin, general manager, presented awards to model dealers

Zeng Peng, design director, presented awards to excellent dealers

Qiu Xiaoyi, marketing director, presented honors to excellent dealers

annual progress exclusive store awards

Juzhi exploration, concentric planning

Qiu Xiaoyi, marketing director, passionately shared the major marketing initiatives and plans of Easley 2017! First of all, he led you to look back on 2016, especially the series of actions of "big brands have big plays", which excited the dealers and won the resonance of the family

Marketing Director Mr. Qiu Xiaoyi's speech

next, President Qiu said that in 2017, Easley will continue to cultivate brand value and upgrade its marketing model with the theme of "big brands have big plays", such as opening the world's first K8 store building system, team upgrading, service system upgrading, channel upgrading, entering e-commerce, and playing with o2o integrated resources Make full efforts to complete the transformation and upgrading of the brand

Zeng Peng, the design director, introduced the effect of Ashley store upgrading to the dealers. Zeng always believed that design was a very important part of the transformation from a customization enterprise to a service enterprise. Therefore, with the upgrading of consumer demand, the demand for products has changed from simply meeting the needs of practicality and aesthetics

Mr. Zeng Peng, design director, delivered a speech

the project director of big home shared the transformation and upgrading of the "big home" project at the meeting, announcing that Ashley has entered the era of big home, and the brand has transformed from a single kind of customized products to a diversified variety of product types

Ms. Hu Limei, deputy general manager of Dahua household appliances Co., Ltd. made a speech

join hands to make a breakthrough

Gong Yongjie, general manager of Wanhua Group, shared with you the experience of win-win cooperation with Easley, and wished that Easley would flourish in 2017, and Easley would continue to work with Wanhua Hexiang board to bring consumers a healthy home life

Mr. gongyongjie, general manager of Wanhua Group

Ms. Xiao Shanshan, director of Jianzhong enterprise operation, expressed the future vision of cooperation with yishili. Yishili will achieve comprehensive service upgrading through Jianzhong management and training team

Ms. Xiao Shanshan, operation director of Jianzhong Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

at the conference, Easley reached a deep strategic cooperation with the world's top hardware "Blum" company, which will bring greater changes to Easley's future large household products, and the process of product upgrading and technological breakthrough will be carried out steadily

strategic cooperation signing ceremony of Blum hardware company

Ashley has focused on customizing home furnishings for 17 years. Driven by the improvement of production system and the big home furnishing strategy, in the future development prospect, it will adhere to keeping up with the pace of the times, commit to transformation and upgrading, and will take innovation and development as the driving force, national strategy as the key to enterprise development, consumer demand as the core, and develop the national market




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