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Now people are choosing kitchen cabinets. In addition to their complete functions, more is the visual effect brought by the cabinets. Whether they match with the home decoration style can become the highlight of the home. Of course, a series of services brought by after-sales are also attached great importance, but many people are deceived when choosing cabinets. Why? Now the cabinet dealers are more luxurious in decoration one by one, and the salesperson is hospitable. It is easy to be fooled and bought because they are not calm enough. Of course, it is easy to fall into a misunderstanding when buying cabinets. Xiaobian will share the four common scams of cabinet purchase, and let us do the decoration clearly

nowadays, people are shopping for kitchen cabinets. In addition to the complete functions, more is the visual effect brought by the cabinets. Whether it matches with the home decoration style can become a highlight in the home. Of course, a series of services brought by after-sales are also attached great importance, but many people are deceived when choosing cabinets. Why? Now the cabinet dealers are more luxurious in decoration one by one, and the salesperson is hospitable. It is easy to be fooled and bought because they are not calm enough. Of course, it is easy to fall into a misunderstanding when buying cabinets. Xiaobian will share the four common scams of cabinet purchase, and let us do the decoration clearly

vantage integral cabinet Mona Lisa tiles

1& ldquo; Flicker ” First trick: material trap

“ When many consumers look at the cabinet, they actually look at the cabinet door& rdquo; An insider told reporters that most consumers choose cabinets, and when they open their mouth, they want to “ Crystal plate &rdquo& ldquo; Paint baking board ” Or “ Solid wood board ”, This board is the cabinet door& ldquo; Although the door panel is important, the box panel is actually more important& rdquo; The reporter found in an unannounced interview that the paint door panel is widely used in Changzhou cabinet market at present. The paint baking board is characterized by bright color, easy modeling, good waterproof performance, stain resistance and scratch resistance, but the price is also high. The reporter saw a crystal door cabinet in a cabinet store in our city, which has a three-dimensional shape and exquisite appearance. The salesperson introduced that the door plate made of this material is beautiful, durable, cheap and good, and is now very popular

in another well-known brand cabinet store, as soon as the reporter inquired about the crystal door panel, he immediately attracted the disdainful eyes of the salesperson, “ Do you think the crystal board is good? It will be warped in a year or two. It is an obsolete style& rdquo; The patterns of cabinet door panels are more than these, but the reporter soon found that compared with door panels, box panels that are not valued by consumers are actually more important. The box board bears the functions of waterproof, mildew proof and load-bearing, but because it is hidden in the door board, it is generally not valued by consumers. Some dealers often offer the so-called “ Preferential price &rdquo& ldquo; Preferential price ”, In fact, these low-quality box boards often do not take long to get soaked and moldy, and it is the consumers who suffer

the table top is the most colorful. The reporter found that the table brands on the market are mixed, and playing with concepts can be found everywhere. Take the most popular “ Acrylic ” Take artificial stone table as an example, from 500 yuan/meter &mdash& mdash; You can buy it at more than 3000 yuan/meter. According to the insider, cheap artificial stones are best not to buy. Most of them are made of inferior resin plus calcium carbonate. The smoothness and wear resistance are not good. Let alone that some products even contain substances harmful to human body, so buy “ Artificial stone ” Be sure to understand “ Acrylic ” Content of

2.& ldquo; Flicker ” The second trick: changing the concept secretly

when selling their products, cabinet dealers try their best to boast their products and confuse consumers with changing the concept secretly. During the unannounced interview, the reporter found that “ Deceptive language ” Yes “ From foreign design concepts &rdquo& ldquo; Idea ” This kind of invisible things can not only make consumers stunned, but also improve the quality of products

use “ Idea ” What is designed is imported goods? In a high-end cabinet store known as the national chain, as soon as the reporter entered the door, two salesmen surrounded him with a smile. Seeing that the reporter was a little suspicious of the Italian trademark at the door, a salesperson said firmly: “ Our cabinet is designed with Italian concept, European popular style, and many parts are imported& rdquo; After further understanding, the reporter found that this cabinet is actually a cabinet manufacturer in Guangdong, and the designers are all Chinese, the so-called “ Imported parts ” In fact, they are all produced by Guangdong joint ventures

the reporter found that a brand cabinet used a “ Fireproof board ”. After chatting with the salesperson, the reporter learned that the fireproof board itself could not completely prevent fire, but it had good fire resistance and flame retardant effect to a certain extent, and the effect could not last for a few minutes. Similarly, “ Waterproof board ” It's only slightly moisture-proof. The seller's “ Title ”, Undoubtedly, the material function is exaggerated

in terms of environmental protection indicators that consumers are concerned about, many cabinet merchants will post “ E0”、& ldquo; E1” Etc. This is a sign showing which national standard the formaldehyde emission of the product reaches. Insiders said that the current maximum limit of formaldehyde in furniture, flooring and other wood products in China is “ E1”, The national standard of cabinet products is “ E2”, Some medium and high-end products are “ E1”。 Because it does not contain green moisture-proof agent and adhesive, it is prone to moisture and fracture, “ E0” Grade a board is not suitable for making cabinets in a humid environment

in another exclusive store, the clerk strongly recommended a South Korean table top to the reporter, but the reporter found after receiving the instructions that the place of origin indicated Qingdao, and the clerk explained: “ Our company is headquartered in Qingdao, and the place of origin can only be marked with Qingdao where the head office is located. Table top materials are indeed imported& rdquo; But being a reporter “ More serious ” When asking for the customs declaration, the clerk finally admitted that it was “ The best countertops in China are basically comparable to those imported &rdquo

almost all cabinets advertise that they use imported hardware accessories, such as “ blum” However, after talking with the clerk, the reporter learned that in fact, these hardware accessories have factories in China, and in order to reduce costs, in addition to several first-line brands and manufacturers signed use agreements, they will use original imported accessories, and most of them will choose domestic parts instead, still with “ Imported hardware ” To deceive consumers. The two are almost the same in trademark and appearance, and are installed inside the cabinet, which is more difficult to be found by consumers. When shopping for cabinets, consumers can't ignore small hinges. It's best to specify them in detail when signing the contract

3.& ldquo; Flicker ” The third trick: there are many authentication patterns

the environmental protection test certificates provided by some cabinet merchants are mostly the test reports of local plates, or the environmental protection product recommendation certificates issued by an association or an institution. In general, there are many kinds of certification, but there is basically no unified certification by authoritative departments. Insiders said that facing a large number of bright bronze medals hanging on the wall, consumers would not go “ More serious &rdquo

according to insiders, although cabinet enterprises have played the environmental protection brand one after another, not many have really been recognized by authoritative departments, and there are many enterprises in the market with “ Fake environmental protection ” To deceive consumers. It is understood that at present, the environmental protection certification of cabinet products in the market is only certified by the environmental certification center of the State Environmental Protection Administration “ China Environmental Labeling Product Certification ”, That is what people often say “ Ten ring certification ” It is the more authoritative green sign at present. The products approved to use this mark not only require qualified quality, but also meet specific environmental protection requirements in the process of production, use and treatment. Compared with similar products, they have environmental advantages such as low toxicity, less harm and resource conservation

4.& ldquo; Flicker ” Fourth trick: install hidden mystery

first line cabinet brands often provide a full set of design and installation services. The business will send staff to measure the relevant dimensions on site, and ask professional designers to design. Generally, it can be installed on site in about one month. After the cabinet is installed, the consumer should carry out corresponding inspections, such as: whether the surface of the cabinet is scratched, bruised, cracked, etc., whether the overall installation position is changed, whether the cabinet, countertop and hanging cabinet are inclined after the combination, whether there is a gap at the junction of the panel and cabinet body, whether there is leakage at the drainage pipe and sink, etc. During acceptance, it is necessary to carefully check the contract and design drawings to avoid unclear explanation of problems found in the future

in addition to the above four common scams, according to the characteristics of young people now, we should pay attention to when shopping for cabinets:

trap 1: pursuing brand

the post-80s are a generation of brand chasers, so in the eyes of the post-80s, the cabinets of regular brands are easy to be popular. After all, brand means good quality and better after-sales service. But it can't be because the business claims “ We cooperate with a big brand, and its material is the same ” After all, we cannot examine its authenticity

correction method:

it doesn't matter what brand you choose, but the details and quality are the most important. For a good cabinet, you can identify whether its process is exquisite through details such as plates, countertops, drilling holes, edge banding, etc. details such as hanging parts of the cabinet and reinforcement of the front connecting plate are also very important, and the service life of the cabinet is often determined by these details. Therefore, the post-80s generation must shop around and compare details

trap 2: the appearance Association

when shopping, the post-80s usually choose one of their favorite and most comfortable cabinets from a wide range of cabinets. However, after decoration, the style of cabinets is thousands of miles different from that of home decoration, and they regret it

correction method:

although some kitchen cabinets are beautiful, you must consider whether they are suitable for your kitchen when purchasing. On the premise of meeting the needs, the style of the cabinet should consider the overall home style as much as possible to avoid damaging the whole, so it is necessary to analyze in advance which one you like and is suitable for the home decoration style

trap 3: avant garde bears the brunt

the house of the post-80s is not as luxurious as a mansion, but a snail's life. Therefore, for the first time home buyers, the space of the kitchen is limited. However, due to excessive consideration of the avant-garde color and exaggerated modeling, they often ignore the storage function of the cabinet. Therefore, when living, more and more things are piled on the cabinet desktop, so that the fashionable appearance is completely covered up

correction methods

the kitchen is a place for storing all kinds of pots, small household appliances, staple grains and miscellaneous grains, all kinds of tableware, knives, condiments, etc. If you think too much about beauty, but waste space, there will be a lot of inconvenience in the future use. The selected cabinet style should ensure the storage function as the premise, and then consider beauty

trap 4: “ Environmental protection ” Certification

the slogan of green environmental protection has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, especially when purchasing home building materials, we will certainly ask whether it is an environmental protection product, and shopping guides will also use “ All environmental protection &rdquo& ldquo; E0 level box &rdquo& ldquo; Avoid formaldehyde





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