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2016 Paris m& O spring exhibition has attracted the attention of home fashion lovers all over the world. Since the 20th anniversary of the birth of Paris exhibition, it has developed from a commercial exhibition to a design exhibition that shows home and interior design trends. We can get a glimpse of the vane of home fashion through different designers and their works. Today, let's take a look at creative works

2016 Paris m& O the annual designer of spring exhibition announced to the world that he was eugeni quitllet. Eugeni quitllet, Spanish designer, was born in Ibiza. He graduated from the Art Institute of La llotja in Barcelona. He designed innovative objects in a creative language that went beyond the simple relationship between function and style

for m& O for Paris Fashion home design exhibition, the two annual designers belong to different fields, that is, the annual designer of the exhibition in January is partial to “ Products ” Design direction: the annual designers of the exhibition in September are more engaged in the field of interior design or decoration design

design works: 1. Eugeni quitlet designed bum bum series furniture for vodom

in 2014, eugeni quitlet designed a series of furniture works called bum bum for Spanish furniture brand vodom. The design inspiration of this group of outdoor furniture works comes from music. The designer reinterprets the definition of musical instrument in a new way

this series of furniture has different shapes and profound meanings. The Buddha reminds you that you can enjoy the beauty of music anytime and anywhere, without being confined to form. Just like the conch picked up at the seaside, you can also hear the wonderful sea movement when you put it in your ear

bum bum series furniture includes sofa, armchair, table and footstool, etc., which are curved and unique in appearance, have tubular and hollow shapes, and deduce the abstract beauty of light and sound in the concrete space

2. Plastic home

cloud io&rdquo jointly launched by eugeni quitlet and Kartell company; Chair is a collection of various elements, not just an application of solid materials

eugeni quitlet expressed his respect for Claudio luti, President of Kartell, with a chair, which shows people the wide application space of plastic products, and this Italian company is famous for using plastic to make furniture. This chair is called “ cloud-io”, It is the name of luti that is quoted to express a new design concept, that is, far away from the tangible reality, to decompose furniture into a series of elements - light, water, air - rather than focusing on manufacturing materials. Quitlet “ cloud-io” Imagine it as a combination of many lenses, which looks very light, “ I want to bring space to people, so my design is aimed at the surrounding atmosphere rather than the production material itself, using air and light to bring a light feeling &hellip& hellip;& rdquo;

“ vase-o” The design of the vase adopts and “ cloud-io” Chair similar method

the Catalan designer used the same lens and made a vase, which was crystal clear and glittering& ldquo; These lenses can make a chair, a table or a vase in harmony& rdquo;

follow “ cloud-io” Chairs and “ vase-o” The vase is also made with “ dream-air” The chair looks as elegant. It is characterized by a transparent plastic shell on an opaque frame, which together forms this chair& ldquo; It is like a scarf in the wind, a dream suspended in the air& lsquo; dream-air’ The structure is simple and well caters to the curve of the human body, which is a kind of beautiful enjoyment& rdquo;

3. Eugeni quitlet created a series of dream tools for leshang company

eugeni quitlet created a series of dream tools for leshang company, an elegant and vibrant collection of four office supplies. They are: pens and pencil holders, table tops for smart phones, business cards and pencils, tape dispensers and alarm clocks

the dreamy tool combination is as light as water, realizing maximum utility. These tools are placed in a frame, which is one of the distinctive features of the designer's design (light air lamp, shine vase, o clock watch …), This series includes small functional relief works in plexiglass seats& ldquo; These objects are micro buildings, small crystals, colorful transparent scenery, eye-catching, dream, work and think more clearly, ” The Catalan designer concluded





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