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1、 Acceptance standard of decoration works:

decoration works can be accepted only after they are completed and dried. Check whether the variety, scale and pattern of the flower decoration meet the design requirements in the acceptance of the flower decoration project. The flower decoration should be installed firmly, and its quality requirements and allowable deviation should meet the requirements: the horizontal and vertical allowable deviation of the strip flower decoration should not be greater than 5mm per meter, and the total length should not be greater than 3mm; The allowable deviation of the position of individual decorations shall be greater than 10mm; The surface of the decorations should be smooth, the patterns should be clear, and the joints should be tight without cracks, warps, missing edges and corners and other defects; The embossed surface should be smooth, with clear patterns and no cracks

II. Ceiling acceptance standard:

the variety, specification, color, base structure and fixing method of materials used in ceiling engineering should meet the requirements of relevant design specifications; The cover panel shall be closely connected with the keel, and the surface shall be flat without defects such as pollution, fracture, lack of edges and corners, hammer injury, etc. the joints shall be uniform, the pasted cover panel shall not have delamination, and the plywood shall not have gouging points; The placed cover plate shall be free of leakage, penetration and angle warping

III. acceptance standard for construction quality of plastic board surface course:

the material, tone and paving shall meet the living requirements: the surface shall be flat, without wrinkles, and shall not be warped and bubbling; The color shall be consistent, the joints shall be tight, the four sides shall be straight, the degumming place shall not be greater than 20cm, and the spacing shall not be less than 500mm; The joint with the pipeline is tight, firm and flat; The skirting board is closely connected with plastic, the upper edge of the skirting board is straight, the height difference of the whole length is no more than plus or minus 3mm, and it is close to the wall without gap





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