The terminal training meeting for the new dealers

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Aluminum alloy doors and windows company yimeide doors and windows held a July training meeting for new franchisees

fully help dealers become bigger and stronger, and promote dealers to realize the dream of tens of millions of big businesses. Aluminum alloy doors and windows company yimeide doors and windows held a July training meeting for new franchisees. On the morning of July 23, the family members of the dealers who recently joined the aluminum alloy door and window company yimeide arrived at the headquarters together to encourage each other and learn from each other

group and warm-up before the meeting

family members actively participated and interacted, showing strong passion and desire to win

president Xiong's speech

after a warm-up, Mr. Xiong Linfeng, general manager of yimeide aluminum alloy door and window company, delivered a speech on the stage and kicked off the training session

Mr. Xiong welcomed everyone to join us, and analyzed the current economic environment and the competition pattern of the door and window industry, pointing out that the road in the future will not be smooth; Those who strive for the best will be the first. The more competitive the incentive is, the more we need to redouble our study and efforts. Yimeide, an aluminum alloy door and window manufacturer, will also train everyone from multiple angles, in multiple forms and in an all-round way, fully support all franchisees to make great achievements and move forward bravely towards the dream of tens of millions of big businesses

product training

successful shopping guide starts with getting familiar with the products

manager Xiong of the operation Department explains the products to the families of new dealers, leads you to visit the exhibition hall, and introduces the products in detail one by one

yimeide, an aluminum alloy door and window company, has constantly introduced innovative products with its advanced German door and window technology, which has both appearance and ultra-high performance. Many details are better than those of its peers. Mastering the details and characteristics of products can further impress consumers

ace terminal training

Dao Kedao, extraordinary Dao

teacher Chen, who has more than ten years of front-line terminal practical experience, is specially invited to teach you the secrets of terminal performance explosion. In recent years, great changes have also taken place in the household aluminum alloy door and window industry, so the business idea of the terminal also needs to be adjusted. Mr. Chen presented the magic weapon of winning the terminal from multiple dimensions in simple terms. Among them, there are many unique secrets that make the family's thinking broad and bright, and suddenly enlightened

in addition to the training of product selling points and terminal sales skills, many practical courses such as etiquette quality training, door-to-door measurement window and order placing training will be held on the next day to constantly enrich the knowledge and practical operation skills of the dealer's family, set up a ladder to the top of wealth for the dealer's family, and give the dealer's family the golden key to open the door of wealth

yimeide, an aluminum alloy door and window company, always regards the dealer's family as a community of destiny. The future of the dealer is the future of yimeide. Only the manufacturers work together and walk side by side can they go higher and farther. Yimeide, an aluminum alloy door and window company, has given great help and support to dealers in store opening, product innovation, engineering projects, terminal sales skills, terminal activities and other aspects, giving dealers a strong impetus to take off. Join yimeide and create a wealth future

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