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Application of Delta PLC and AC server in warp knitting machine Abstract: This paper mainly introduces the successful application of Delta PLC and AC server (ASD) in full servo warp knitting machine, and the application of delta ehplc and asd-a in full servo warp knitting machine control system

key words: warp knitting machine asdplc

1 introduction

the traditional textile industry process includes four parts: fiber, weaving, finishing and clothing. Weaving process includes weaving, knitting, weaving and nonwovens. Knitting also increases equipment wear, which is divided into warp knitting and weft knitting. Warp knitting uses one or several groups of yarns arranged in parallel to form a knitted fabric by feeding them into all the working needles of the machine in the warp direction at the same time. This method is called warp knitting, and the knitted fabric formed is called warp knitted fabric

after decades of development and continuous structural adjustment, China's warp knitting industry, especially in recent years, the warp knitting enterprises in emerging regions have a high starting point, reasonable product structure and obvious scale benefits. The injection of scientific research strength from universities and scientific research institutions, as well as the combination of industry, University and research, have led to the rapid development of China's warp knitting industry, which is gradually becoming the center of the world's warp knitting industry

the traditional warp knitting machine measured with a dial indicator based on two force columns is mostly a chain warp knitting machine. Because it is a mechanical spindle transmission structure, it does not introduce an electrical transmission, resulting in the following disadvantages: slow weaving speed and low efficiency; The chain mechanism is complex. It takes more time to replace each pattern, and each pattern corresponds to a chain block. In this way, it takes a long time to replace the pattern and the cost is high. Cause the small batch order to lose the meaning of production

due to the complexity of the mechanism, the complex pattern cannot be produced on the chain block machine. Only fabrics with simple patterns can be produced, which can not meet higher and higher requirements. At present, the full servo warp knitting machine has been gradually applied in textile. Now the full servo warp knitting machine has good advantages in output, efficiency, pattern diversity and product quality, so it will become the mainstream of jacquard weaving in the future

2 full servo warp knitting machine system architecture

2.1 system architecture (Figure 1)

Figure 1 full servo warp knitting electromechanical control system architecture

2.2 system configuration

system configuration see Table 1 Table 1 full servo warp knitting electromechanical control system configuration

1 control part. The system uses dvp80eh00t+dvp08hn00t+dvp08hn00t+dvp08hn00r system integration as the main controller to collect the traverse signal, and then send it to each sub controller (dvp32eh00t) synchronously. The system sub controller has 28 dvp32eh00t in total, and each sub controller controls the two axis shuttle joint servo. The sub controller and servo are respectively communicated to the upper computer through RS485 for monitoring

2 driving part. There are 56 shuttle joints in the system, which are controlled by 56 sets of asd-a750w servo of delta. The servo action is performed according to the pattern data stored in the sub controller after being converted in advance by the weaving conversion program

3 monitoring part. The upper monitoring part is completed by an Advantech touch tablet computer tpc-1260 with monitoring software; At the same time, the computer also runs the weaving pattern conversion program to convert and download the pattern data

3 mechanical structure and working principle of full servo warp knitting machine

3.1 electronic let off system

the main function of the electronic let off system is to control the let off speed and tension of various yarns, so as not to break the yarn, resulting in yarn breakage and failure of weaving. The system mainly consists of 3 sets of servo +plc to realize its functions

3.2 shuttle section traverse system

shuttle section traverse system is a system composed of Delta PLC and ASD, which is also the main part of this paper. See the system block diagram for the framework

warp knitting machines generally have 56 or 40 shuttle links, and the current maximum is 56. Each shuttle section is controlled by a 750W servo. Since there are too many control axes, decentralized control is adopted. The shuttle section traverse system mainly has two key points:

1 the traverse speed and accuracy of each shuttle section. The main shaft of the warp knitting machine is required to rotate at a speed of 400 revolutions. The traverse of the main shaft should be operated once every revolution, and the action time should be completed only within 1/3 of the revolution, otherwise the traverse fails

2 pattern is data conversion. Because the pattern of weaving flower is generated by textile CAD software. The system needs to convert the relevant pattern data generated by textile CAD into the data that can be recognized by PLC, and then control the shuttle section traverse. At present, the system uses VB to compile a pattern conversion software to complete the automatic conversion of pattern data and download the data of creep resistance and chemical corrosion resistance

at present, the system uses the PLC of delta eh series as the controller, and uses the good servo positioning function of ehplc, rich internal data resources and seamless communication function with DELTA servo. The control and drive are closely combined, and the two are closely combined to make the system control better

3.3 electronic jacquard system

the electronic jacquard system is mainly used to extract the pattern, and then cooperate with the horizontal movement of the shuttle to realize the pattern forming. It is mainly realized by an embedded system: Jacquard data conversion and jacquard action control; The execution action is realized by a solenoid valve. Due to the slow response speed of electromagnetic action, it is now slowly replaced by piezoelectric ceramics with fast response

besides control and drive, the whole system also has a good man-machine dialogue. This is mainly accomplished by Advantech's touch computer tpc-1260, which runs the monitoring software and weaving conversion program

4 function design of monitoring software

4.1 system operation monitoring

operation status monitoring of the whole system: operation status of servo, communication status of PLC and servo, shuttle number of pattern operation, etc

4.2 parameter setting

complete the parameter setting of the system: mechanical parameters and motion parameters. The mechanical parameters are mainly the spindle parameters, which are used for horizontal tracking; The motion parameters are mainly used for PLC positioning control (pulse frequency, filtering time, acceleration and deceleration force measuring pointer constant speed rotation time, etc.)

4.3 process needle loading

this function is to realize the initial needle loading of the shuttle joint

4.4 fault handling

it is mainly used for fault handling of servo alarm and yarn breaking

4.5 pan head control

is mainly used to monitor the electronic let off part

4.6 user management

is used to set relevant operation permissions and password settings

4.7 help

for questions about the system, you can find the answers in the help

5 conclusion

the whole system adopts Delta Electromechanical Products with high cost performance to provide an overall solution. In the communication process of the whole project, solving comprehensive problems is more prominent, showing the advantages of Zhongda products in system integration. (end)

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