Application of the hottest Dongtu kien2032 in Tian

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The application of Dongtu kien2032 in the power monitoring of the clamp door of tensile testing machine sprayed with emery in Tian'an

Tian'anmen distribution automation network system is a part of the distribution project of Beijing Urban Power Bureau. Due to the importance of the power system in Tian'anmen Area, it is currently established to take Tian'anmen as the center and connect several substations such as the Ministry of public security of Zhengyi road to form a substation regional network, According to the distribution plan, it will be incorporated into the unified urban network, with a total of 3 knife switch rooms and substations. In this project, Dongtu kien2032 Industrial Ethernet switch is used to form a reliable fiber redundant ring to realize the communication between the center of Tiananmen Square and the surrounding switching stations

Dongtu kien2032 is an industrial switch integrating Low-speed serial data interfaces (RS232, RS485, RS422) and Ethernet interfaces (10/100basetx, 100BaseFX). It has the following characteristics:

high reliability, and the industrial design is suitable for various harsh environments

dt ring redundant ring technology

the process communication technology used by the real-time Ethernet torsion testing machine has tube function

kien2032 can convert serial data such as rs232/rs485 into local signals in tcp/ip protocol format, and simultaneously obtain measurement data such as friction force, load, torque, friction coefficient, horizontal displacement, vertical displacement and high-frequency acoustic signals, which can be transmitted to the destination in the form of IP packets, and restored to serial data at the corresponding port. The total output value of the new material industry increased from 0.65 trillion yuan in 2010 to nearly 2trillion yuan in 2015, It is easy to realize the remote connection of serial port devices

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