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Application of Delta Electromechanical Products in CNC polysilicon cutting machine

Abstract: This paper mainly introduces the integrated application of Delta Electromechanical Products in CNC polysilicon cutting machine. The control system combines automation products such as delta HMI, PLC, servo and frequency converter. The operation interface is friendly and simple. It realizes the technical upgrading and high-efficiency energy saving of the equipment, and reflects the high cost performance of delta automation products. The system operation proves that delta products are stable and reliable with high control efficiency, which is worthy of reference and promotion by peers in the industry

key words: PLC; interface; Servo; Control

1 preface

with the increasingly stringent requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction, the demand for clean energy is also growing. Solar power generation (photovoltaic industry) is the representative of clean energy. As a result, the photovoltaic industry has developed rapidly. Experts predict that the solar photovoltaic industry will surpass nuclear power as one of the most important basic energy sources in the first half of the 21st century. The main raw material of photovoltaic industry is polycrystalline (monocrystalline) silicon

the strong demand for polysilicon in the market has also driven the solar energy equipment manufacturing industry. The equipment used in this industry, such as polycrystalline furnace, cutting machine tool, circular grinder, end grinder, slotting, slicing, chamfering and other equipment, is also in short supply. Requirements of solar energy industry for equipment: high production efficiency, stable and reliable, and easy to use

in the face of increasingly complex requirements and corresponding production efficiency problems, based on Delta's DVP series PLC, HMI and servo automation products, this paper successfully developed and implemented a set of control system for CNC polysilicon cutting machine tool. This control system controls the core components of delta products, including PLC, touch screen, frequency converter, servo, and delta switching power supply. The complete outline drawing of the machine is shown in Figure 1

Figure 1 complete outline drawing of the machine

2 process analysis

polysilicon cutting machine tool is a device used to remove both ends or to cut the saw section of polysilicon blank into products of specified length after polysilicon production

the process analysis of this equipment is shown in Figure 2:

Figure 2 process analysis block diagram of polysilicon cutting machine tool

first, use a special fixture to clamp the polysilicon blank workpiece on the workbench, and then adjust the saw belt tension. Then, start the saw belt (the speed of the saw belt is controlled by the frequency converter), and then the workbench will feed the material according to the set process parameters. First, the workbench will drive the blank to quickly approach the saw belt, Then the edge cutting is carried out at a slow speed. The slow speed is due to the hard surface of polysilicon blank, and too fast speed is easy to damage the saw band; After the skin is cut, it will be cut at a constant speed. In this process, the feeding speed is required to be extremely stable. In this way, the flatness of the cut material surface is good. At the end of cutting, it turns to edge cutting until the blank is cut. After cutting, the workbench quickly returns to the original working origin, waiting for the operator to take down the finished product and replace it with a new blank

for the customer's process requirements, we should consider three points in model selection:

(1) the wheel diameter of the moving saw belt is large, the equipment load belongs to the constant torque load, the linear speed during cutting is high, and the parking speed is also fast, so the frequency converter needs to have a large capacity and braking capacity

(2) the servo motor drives the ball screw to feed the worktable. During cutting, in order to ensure the smoothness, the feed speed is very slow, which requires good low-speed stability of the servo

(3) the customer requires the equipment to accurately display the processing time of this blank after parameter setting, and to display the current state and cutting progress in real time during work, as well as the real-time speed of the saw belt

3 system scheme

3.1 electrical configuration list:

according to the above process requirements, The system hardware configuration we configured for customers is as follows:

(1) plc: dvp40es200t*1

(2) man machine interface: dop-b07s201

(3) frequency converter: vfd075b43a+ braking resistance

(4) Switching power supply: pmc-024v100w1aa

3.2 the system scheme diagram is as follows:

the control block diagram of the system is shown in Figure 3. Plastic has been increasingly used in many new fields:

the control block diagram of the system in Figure 3

the main control part adopts the ES2 PLC newly launched by delta. This series of PLC is the latest small PLC of delta. It has the function of two-way 100k pulse frequency output. It uses delta motion control commands to control Delta asda-ab servo, High control accuracy can be achieved by matching the servo with appropriate electronic gear ratio. In addition, ES2 PLC has three independent communication ports. COM1 is RS232, com2 and COM3 are RS485 interfaces. The frequency of saw band frequency converter is communicated by ES2 PLC through its com2 port, and the current real-time speed of saw band frequency converter is read back and displayed on the screen

in addition, this PLC has the following features:

· large program capacity of 16K steps, 10K words of data memory

· the fastest execution time of basic instruction LD is 0.54 μ S

· maximum extended IO points - 256 point input +16 point output or 256 point output +16 point input

· add a variety of special motion commands including closed loop control (dcllm), benchmarking (mark), mask Immediate speed change (dvspo, dicf) (including automatic acceleration and deceleration)

· up to 8 single-phase (2 100kHz, 6 10kHz) or 4 groups of AB phase high-speed input

· provide 2-point 100kHz and 2-point 10kHz high-speed output

· have 3 independent communication ports, COM1 is RS232, com2 and COM3 are RS485 interfaces. Convenient instructions for frequency converter: including forward and reverse operation, stop, etc. for delta frequency converter

the display part is a 7-inch delta touch screen b07s201, which adopts LED backlight, with clear and bright picture, high contrast, low energy consumption and long service life. Figure 4 shows the effect of the actual application of the display screen on the equipment:

Figure 4 the effect of the actual application of the display screen on the equipment

3.3 upper computer picture description:

to what extent the experimental machine itself will be bent and deformed, it is expressed in numerical values, such as "42kn/mm" and other situations. First, set the relevant travel parameters on the parameter page, such as travel times, distance and speed. The minimum speed can reach 6um/sec. Here, as shown in Figure 5:

Figure 5 parameter page setting screen

after setting the parameters, jog the equipment to the appropriate position and enter the operation screen (as shown in the following figure), the equipment can work normally. Here is as shown in Figure 6:

Figure 6 system operation picture

the saw belt is a delta pass through vector inverter VFD-B series 460V, 7.5kW model. This type of inverter has large starting torque and good low-speed performance. After adding braking resistance (the parameter should be set to 0), it can stop quickly and reduce the impact of external power or load recharge energy on the inverter

the feeding mechanism adopts linear guide rail and ball screw structure, which is driven by delta AB series 1.5KW servo motor. DELTA servo has PDFF control framework, which can ensure rapid response and prevent overshoot, and the speed is stable at low speed

4 conclusion

this paper introduces the integrated application of delta automation products in the CNC polysilicon cutting machine tool. The whole scheme provides relatively excellent control performance and safety. At the same time, the system can also provide correction and perfect alarm self diagnosis functions while improving accurate control. The commissioning of this equipment was completed in May this year. The equipment factory is very satisfied with the rapid OEM development ability of Zhongda. It feels that Zhongda has a fast development speed, can meet the needs of customers, and the product has excellent cost performance and stable and reliable performance, so that customers can rest assured. After the equipment is delivered to the end customer for use, the end customer also focuses on meeting the growing market demand for its high-performance materials, and is very satisfied with the equipment

to sum up, the whole scheme has realized the technical upgrading and energy efficiency of the equipment, reflecting the high cost performance of delta automation products, which is worthy of reference and promotion by peers in the industry


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