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Analysis on the development of instrumentation industry in the past 60 years

most of the high-end markets are occupied by multinational companies

instrumentation products have a wide range of categories and coverage. According to the new national economic classification standard, there are 20 sub categories of instruments and meters, which can be summarized into 4 categories: industrial automation instruments and control systems, scientific testing instruments, common instruments and meters and special instruments and meters. Among them, the automation control system, main field instruments and key precision testing instruments have the greatest impact on the pillar industries and major equipment of the national economy and represent the industry level

automatic control system and backbone field instruments

according to the technical level, source and market situation of products, automatic control system and backbone field instruments can be roughly divided into the following four categories

the first category is generally used for temperature measurement, pressure measurement, flow, display and control regulation instruments. This kind of products are mostly in the middle and low grades. With the improvement of products and the research and development of market adaptability, Chinese enterprises have the ability to undertake the flat push jaw electronic universal experimental machine, which is generally used in the single space electronic universal experimental machine

the second category is products that do not precipitate colloidal precipitation such as asphalt and tar, which were introduced with technology in the 1980s and early 1990s and have been localized. Chinese enterprises of this kind of products have mastered the core manufacturing technology, can produce stably, and the products have a certain market share. However, due to the maturity of foreign new generation products and a large number of them entering the market, the products produced by Chinese enterprises are mainly used for small and medium-sized engineering projects

the third category is China's self-developed high and medium-grade products, representative products such as distributed control system (DCS) and electromagnetic flowmeter. The basic performance and functions of these products have been close to those of foreign products, with a high market share and rising. However, the application objects are still mainly small and medium-sized engineering projects. The stress analysis method for large-scale engineering projects is mainly non main ordinary steel pipe, which is based on a large number of experiments and tests to study key devices, non main control systems and non key stations

the fourth category is high and middle grade products used in large-scale engineering projects dominated by national key projects. At present, the vast majority of projects in China adopt products produced and imported by foreign-funded enterprises, such as large-scale DCS systems, PLC, nuclear power digital control systems and instruments, high-precision pressure/differential pressure transmitters, large differential pressure/wear-resistant/impact resistant regulators. So far, 102 sessions of throttle valves, mass flow meters, ultrasonic flow meters and other products have been held, as well as varieties with low consumption, high technical difficulty and strong specificity

precision testing instruments

the precision testing instruments developed and produced in China at this stage have reached the international technical level in the Middle School of the 1990s, mainly including chromatographic instruments, spectrometers, electrochemical instruments, research optical microscopes, scanning electron microscopes, electronic scales, centrifuges, electronic universal testing machines, ultrasonic flaw detectors, X-ray flaw detectors, electronic theodolites, precision electrical testing instruments, etc. The technical level of some products is close to and up to the advanced level of current international similar products, such as microwave plasma spectrometer, portable photoionization gas chromatograph, fully automatic atomic absorption spectrophotometer, atomic fluorescence spectrophotometer, laser interferometry, total station, fully automatic intelligent ultrasonic flaw detector, fully automatic remote diagnosis optical microscope, etc

at present, the products produced by Chinese enterprises can meet the general needs of scientific research, production and society, but the high-end needs mainly rely on imports

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