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analysis of the development of tobacco packaging market at home and abroad (II)

according to the "2001 global tobacco packaging materials survey", in most markets in the world, soft box packaging is still the main form of tobacco packaging, but the trend of soft box gradually developing to hard box is very obvious. For example, the international trend is from dark packaging to bright packaging, and from domestic brands to international brands. Generally, hard box packaging is more used for international brands and bright color packaging, while some traditional dark color packaging or domestic brands are generally soft boxes. Hard packaging provides tobacco packaging enterprises with greater freedom in printing and packaging design

in the market where various types of cigarettes coexist, the introduction of western style cigarette brands has increased the market share of hard pack cigarettes; At the same time, cigarette factories in developing countries also increasingly tend to increase the production of hard pack cigarettes to compete with multinational tobacco companies. In addition, the rapid development of hard pack cigarette packaging machine in the past few years has promoted the wide use of hard pack cigarette packaging machine, because the packaging speed of hard pack cigarette packaging machine is much faster than that of soft pack cigarette packaging machine, so hard pack cigarette packaging machine is more attractive to large cigarette factories

currently, international soft pack cigarettes account for about 50% - 60% of the cigarette market. It is expected that by 2009, the market share of soft pack cigarettes will be reduced to 30%. Cigarette hard packs will become the main packaging method of tobacco in all regions of the world except Africa and the Middle East. The same situation also appears in China. The trend of tobacco packaging is changing from soft package to hard package. At present, China's cigarette soft and hard packs account for 50% of the market, and it is expected that the market share of hard packs will increase to 60% - 70% within a few years

IV) current situation and problems of China's tobacco packaging industry

China is the largest cigarette market in the world. In order to share the market share as much as possible, each cigarette factory in China shows its magic power and constantly brings forth the new. Therefore, China's tobacco packaging market has witnessed an unprecedented prosperity. The packaging of some products has even far exceeded the packaging level of some famous international brands, especially the hard packaging of cigarettes, which has created the historical precedent of tobacco packaging in the world. Gold, silver and frosted packaging, as well as the most cutting-edge technologies in the world packaging industry (such as hot stamping, holographic anti-counterfeiting, etc.) have all appeared on the hard packaging of cigarettes in China. China's tobacco packaging has always been in the forefront of national packaging, forming a new fashion of "paper packaging looks at cigarette bags"

since the reform and opening up, China's tobacco packaging technology has achieved rapid development. The output value of cigarette case packaging is also large enough from coated paper soft box packaging to ordinary white cardboard, glass cardboard and aluminum foil gold and silver cardboard hard box packaging, and then to the use of pet mirror composite cardboard hard box packaging, and the introduction of high-end frosting technology, has been at the forefront of the national packaging. Now, the domestic tobacco industry has launched laser rainbow paperboard (including BOPP laser rainbow paperboard and pet laser rainbow paperboard) hard wrapped cigarette packs, which gives people a refreshing feeling and drives the upsurge of using laser rainbow paperboard in the tobacco industry, and the market is gradually expanding. China's tobacco packaging has reached a new level in material selection: from the partial use of laser materials for decoration (such as laser anodized hot stamping) to the overall and full page combination of optical materials and printing compared with traditional polyethylene (PE) film

at present, the total production of cigarette packs in China has reached about 35million boxes, and a number of modern large-scale packaging and printing enterprises have emerged, such as Shanghai gravure printing, Qingdao limadon, Qingdao people, Shaanxi Jinye, Hubei Longxiang, Yunnan kuncai, Yunnan Tongyin and so on

China's tobacco packaging enterprises are basically Jinan experimental machine factory, which is established by direct investment, equity participation and holding of tobacco enterprises. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Group Co., Ltd. has a one-stop production line for national production and distribution. In 2016, the production and sales reached a new high, and the business operation basically operates within the tobacco system. The equipment mainly adopts gravure printing production line. In the early 1990s, China's introduction of gravure printing production line reached a peak. At present, there are more than 500 sets in the country

although China's tobacco packaging industry has made a lot of investment and improvement, there are still the following problems:


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