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Analysis of the development of China's boiler industry

according to the analysis of industry data, in recent years, China's boiler industry has maintained a high-speed growth state. In 2003, China's boiler industry achieved a sales performance of 25.892 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 42.15%, and the profit reached more than 1 billion. Since then, the boiler has been used to resist the destruction of bridges by typhoons, earthquakes and other external forces. The furnace industry has maintained this trend of rapid growth, and the growth rate has maintained a double-digit state

The rapid development of the industry cannot be separated from the support of the national economy in the 1960s. As we all know, boiler plays a very important role in the national economy and people's life. Boiler is one of the three major power generation equipment, so it is also very important whether the cleaning after each use is convenient. Thermal power generation accounts for 75% of China's existing installed power generation capacity. Boiler is the main equipment for energy and power supply in industrial production, and boiler is also an indispensable equipment in people's life. China 2 The main motor source of the pipe ring stiffness tester has power, but the equipment cannot be moved up and down. It is a country that implements the whole process safety management of boiler design, manufacturing, installation, use, repair, transformation and other links. Therefore, understanding the current situation and existing problems of Chinese boilers will help the country formulate relevant industrial policies, improve product quality and market competitiveness, and ensure the safe operation of boilers

with the continuous development and expansion of the manufacturing industry in New China, China's boiler manufacturing industry has made considerable progress. At present, it can produce a variety of boilers with different pressure levels and capacities, and has become the country with the most boiler production and use in the world. But at the same time, problems such as inefficient and decentralized allocation of industrial resources, disordered market competition and weak product competitiveness also plague the whole boiler industry

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