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Element analyzer determines tungsten in high-speed steel

element analyzer determines tungsten in high-speed steel - tungsten blue rapid photometry

measurement range w:0.5 ~ 20%

I. method summary:

the sample is decomposed with mixed acid of phosphoric acid and hydrochloric acid, and titanium trichloride is used as reducing agent to form tungsten blue compound, so as to determine photometry. This method is applicable to the determination of W in CrWMn steel, 18crniw steel and various tool steels: W18Cr4V, w9cr4v, 3Cr2W8V, crw5 and other steels

second, the cathode material is composed of nickel, cobalt and manganese, and the main reagent:

1 Phosphoric acid hydrochloric acid mixed acid: concentrated phosphoric acid: concentrated hydrochloric acid =1:3

2. Concentrated nitric acid: p=1.6

3. Sulfuric acid hydrochloric acid mixed acid: sulfuric acid (1+4): hydrochloric acid (1+1) =1:1

4. Stannous chloride: 20%: add 10ml hydrochloric acid to 20g stannous chloride. After heating and dissolving, dilute it with water to 100ml

5. Third, among them, enterprises should pay attention to: 1. The growth rate of automobile production and sales, which has the largest weight in the total industrial volume, is picking up; 2. The accumulated order amount of key contact enterprises in the machinery industry has warmed up. Generally, the titanium chloride solution where the fault is located will be found soon: 30ml of commercially available titanium trichloride, dilute it to 100m1 with hydrochloric acid (1+1) (shake it well and place it for 1 day), and store it tightly in a brown bottle

III. analysis steps:

1. Low tungsten alloy: W <5%

weigh 50mg-100mg of the sample into a 50-100ml steel volumetric flask, add 3ml of phosphorus salt mixed acid and 1ml of nitric acid, heat and dissolve it, then add 2ml of perchloric acid, continue to heat it until it emits thick white smoke, and maintain it for 30s to drive away nitrogen dioxide and hydrogen chloride. Take down the running water, cool it to room temperature, add 50ml of sulfur salt mixed acid (30ml in 50ml volumetric flask), shake it well, add 3ml of stannous chloride, 3-10ml of titanium trichloride solution, and fix the volume with sulfuric acid hydrochloric acid. Shake well and measure in the second channel of the element analyzer

2. High tungsten steel: W <5%

weigh 30-50Mg of the sample into a 100ml steel measuring bottle, add 3ml of phosphorus salt mixed acid and 1ml of nitric acid, heat it to dissolve, add 2 ml of perchloric acid, heat it until thick white smoke comes out to the mouth of the bottle for a moment, take it down and cool it slightly. After cooling with running water, add about 80ml of sulfur salt mixed acid, shake it up, add 5-10ml of titanium trichloride, shake it up, mix acid with sulfuric acid hydrochloric acid to fix the volume, and measure it in the second channel of the element analyzer after shaking up

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