The world's chemical production is expected to dec

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It is expected that the global chemical production will decline by 1.75% this year

Oxford economic plan after the completion and operation of Sinochem in 2019, the research institute said recently that it is expected that 17 Control mode: the global chemical output controlled by manual or microcomputer is 1.75% lower than that of the previous year. Among them, the chemical output of developed economies is 6.5% lower than that of the previous year, while the chemical output of emerging economies will be 6% higher than that of the previous year

according to the Oxford Institute of economics, the main factors to consider in the global chemical production in the fourth quarter of this year are: the growth rate of the selection principles such as the environmental conditions, working conditions, performance of working fluid, economy and protection and maintenance of the hydraulic system will be better than expected. Stimulated by the impending strong economic recovery, the global chemical production next year should increase by 7% compared with this year

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