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Prevention and control of the epidemic: 270000 national electric people fight on the front line 24 hours

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this Spring Festival is destined to be an extraordinary Spring Festival. Some people say that this will be the most "Reunion" Spring Festival in many people's memory, and it will also be the most united Spring Festival in the country

life is more important than Mount Tai. Epidemic situation is order, prevention and control is

the battle of prevention and control of the epidemic has begun. The people of the whole country worked together to fight the epidemic. Electricity is an important guarantee for epidemic prevention and control. To overcome difficulties, reliable electricity is indispensable

in this special spring festival, 1100 power supply workers in Wuhan and more than 10000 power supply workers in Hubei fought hard on the front line of the anti epidemic

in this special spring festival, 270000 rescue and electricity protection personnel of State Grid will be with you 24 hours a day

fight against the epidemic front, race against time

in recent days, many provinces across the country have launched the first-class emergency response to public health emergencies. Hospitals, CDC and other medical institutions and medical supplies manufacturing enterprises are the front line of this epidemic prevention and control war. To ensure the safe and reliable use of electricity in these places is the top priority of the electricity protection work during the Spring Festival

on January 25, the first day of the first lunar month, preparations for the power engineering project of Wuhan huoshenshan hospital are in full swing. Equipment and facilities such as transformers, ring boxes and poles, and about 200 construction teams on site have been in place. At present, the overall preliminary design drawing of power construction has been completed. The power supply company will install 24 power transformers and more than 20 kilometers of power cables to ensure the completion of this power supply construction project within 3 days and fully ensure the power consumption of huoshenshan hospital. (Huang Kai, Zheng mi)

on the evening of January 25, at the construction site of Wuhan huoshenshan hospital, Hubei Wuhan Caidian power supply company carried out power engineering construction in strict accordance with the unified deployment of the municipal epidemic prevention emergency headquarters. In the absence of the overall plan design of the project, the power supply staff made full use of the existing conditions to complete the installation of four ring cabinets and the relocation of another 10 kV line. (Zheng MI, Xu Long)

on January 24, the Lunar New Year's Eve, Huayuan Power Transmission and transformation engineering company of Hubei Wuhan power supply company provided 24-hour lighting services for the construction site of huoshenshan hospital. (Dujuan gaoweimin)

on the eve of the lunar new year on January 24, the high-voltage downlead in No. 11 Taiwan District, Xiaohuan village, Henglin Town, Tianmen City, Hubei Province, failed to power off. In order to serve the epidemic prevention and control work and ensure the normal use of electricity by residents, employees of Jingzhou Tianmen power supply company rushed to repair and transmit electricity overnight. (Wang Zhaojing)

on January 25, the first day of the first lunar month, employees of the national emergency reserve enterprise Zhejiang Hangzhou Jiande Chaomei Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. worked overtime to make masks and other protective articles. In the rain, members of the Party member service team of Hangzhou Jiande power supply company once again carried out a special inspection on the operation of the power lines and distribution equipment of the enterprise. During the Spring Festival, Hangzhou Jiande power supply company will implement 7 × 24-hour docking service, check the power access of the enterprise, the operation of power distribution facilities, etc. (Li Yulong)

Shanghai Berger Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the manufacturers of novel coronavirus detection reagents. These days, the employees of the company give up their holidays and work overtime to ensure the reagent production. Shanghai Fengxian power supply company listed the enterprise as an important power protection object. Members of the Communist party service team took the initiative to carry out on-site investigation of hidden dangers in electricity safety and guidance of emergency electricity security, and provided emergency support 24 hours at any time. (Gu Minjie)

on January 24, the Lunar New Year's Eve, Shen Gang and Li Feng, employees of Hubei Xiaogan Development Zone power supply company, carried out infrared temperature measurement and ultrasonic testing for the switch on the pole of No. 12 special line of 10 kV Xiaogan Central Hospital. (Tang yongyixi)

on January 24, Zhejiang Ningbo power supply company Haishu power supply branch maintained close contact with the local government and health departments to strengthen the inspection of power safety in important places such as medical institutions in the supply area. (Wu Kexin)

on January 24, Chen Genliang, an employee of Haining power supply company in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, and his colleagues connected the temporary power supply to the vehicle and personnel epidemic prevention and health temporary inspection station at the exit of the highway where market confidence picked up. (Ding Yan, Yao Xiaoliang)

on January 24, Du Qingguo, the key account manager of Shanghai urban power supply company, came to Shanghai First People's hospital to help customers prepare for emergency power supply. (Zhou junnan)

on January 24, members of the Party member service team of Luocun power supply station of Hebei Handan Linzhang power supply company went to the county hospital to check the operation of special lines and internal power facilities of the hospital. (Huang Ying, Duan Wenjie)

on January 24, the staff of Hunan Changde Wuling district power supply branch urgently installed a new emergency power supply for the epidemic monitoring point. (Pang Wenqi, Zhao Shuwen)

on January 24, Yang Bin and pan Mei, employees of Hubei Suizhou Guangshui power supply company, went to the Municipal First People's hospital to check the power distribution equipment. (Chen Dan, Hu Jie)

on January 25, hongshaoping and Chen Yanjie, employees of Shima power supply station of Fujian Zhangzhou Longhai power supply company, went to Longhai first hospital to measure the temperature of transformers and other equipment. (Wu Wenwei)

reliable electricity, bright new year

this special spring festival, we should let everyone warm and bright new year

in order to ensure the safe and reliable use of electricity during the Spring Festival, these days, power supply employees are busy day and night. They will appear wherever they are needed on towers, streets and alleys at the first time

on January 24, the Lunar New Year's Eve, "national model worker", "model of central enterprises", Xu Qijin, an employee of Anhui Suzhou power supply company, and his apprentice Liao Zhibin specially inspected the 220 kV gutuo line. (Ye Hui)

on January 25, members of the red boat Communist Party member service team of Binjiang power supply branch of Zhejiang Hangzhou power supply company rushed to repair electrical equipment for customers in Nandu Jiangbin Garden community, Puyan street, Binjiang District. (Li Zhe, Wang Wentao)

on January 24, maqingquan and zhanglongkuang, employees of Shandong Linyi Lanling power supply company, troubleshooting electric equipment for customers in the vegetable greenhouse in Tanglin village, Keng town. (Chenliyun)

on January 25, yaowenlong and AI Hongyong, members of the Party member service team of Tangshan power supply company in northern Hebei, went to the Cultural Square in Shaliuhe Town, Fengrun district to check the power safety of lighting facilities. (Zhou Yuxiang)

on January 24, Li Qiang, Wang Hongjun and Cui Zhanguo, employees of Liaoning Huludao power supply company, checked the electrical equipment at the Xiaosi Village Cultural Square, Hongdong street, Nanpiao District. (Zhang Fengkai)

on January 24, Gu Kexin and Feng Qiang, employees of Fukang power supply company in Changji, Xinjiang, handled meter failures for villagers in the fifth team of the Fifth National Games in jiuyunjie town. (Yang Quanli)

on the Lunar New Year's Eve on January 24, Dong Fangzhen and Shang Baohua, employees of Shandong Dezhou Pingyuan power supply company, went to Nanren village of the development zone to inspect the platform area with large power load that night. (Zhang Feng)

on January 24, Li Jingcheng and Jiang Fu, employees of Chaoyang Bay power supply station of Chengde Weichang power supply company in northern Hebei Province, replaced the transformer air switch in Chaoyang bay village. (Liu Chunxue)

on January 24, the staff of Hunan Shaoyang power supply company shared the transformer inspection equipment with the traffic police on the second line of 10kV No. 8 middle school. (Luo Shaoping, Mo Mengna)

on January 25, Wang Shuwei and Wu Qiangdi, employees of Jilin power supply company in Jilin Province, measured the infrared temperature of the cable terminal on tower 39 of 220 kV East Victoria Line A and B. (Wang Jiayu)

on January 25, dawazaxi and NIMA Qusang, employees of Tibet Lhasa power supply company, replaced low-voltage conductors in Jiacuo neighborhood committee, Chengguan District, Lhasa. (Gama Yuzhen)

on January 25, members of the Party member service team of Dingzhou Power Supply Company in Baoding, Hebei made a special inspection on pole 03 of zhaojiawa lighting branch line of 10 kV Mingyuedian line. (Weng Xupeng, Jiang Hongmin)

on January 24, employees of Jiashi county power supply company in Kashgar, Xinjiang, wired the street lights at siker reservoir. (Sun Guangquan)

on January 24, guyaming and xuyuming, employees of Beiqiao power supply station of Jiangsu Suzhou power supply company, handled meter failures for residential customers. (Tao Jun)

on January 24, Gao Wenhua and Du Jianming, employees of Gansu Zhangye power supply company, inspected the 110kV Zhangxin line in Xindun Town, Ganzhou district. (Luo Wei)

on January 24, Liu Chuang and Li Chaoqun, employees of Jilin Baicheng power supply company, went to the heating and heating station of angung Zhongguang nuclear power plant to investigate potential power consumption hazards for customers. (He Fang)

on January 24, jinchengri and Jiang Zhe, emergency repair employees of 10 centers in Hunchun power supply service large plastic market in Yanbian, Jilin Province, inspected and repaired heating equipment for electric heating customers. (Zhang Lu)

on January 24, Lei Jianhu and Li Heping, employees of Xinwei power supply station of Hunan Yongzhou Lanshan power supply company, introduced the knowledge of safe electricity use to the villagers. (Cheng Xiaoying)

on January 24, Qian Yu and Zhao Jinguang, employees of Shandong Zibo power supply company, carried out temperature measurement and load measurement during the peak load period of the "coal to electricity" station area in Gaobei village, Mashang town. (Yidong)

on January 25, sun Zhao and Gao dengfa, employees of Jiangsu Yancheng Dafeng power supply company, used drones to patrol the 220 kV duying line in Bazhao village, Dazhong town. (Chen Hongbing)

considerate service, warm heart

during the Spring Festival, if you want to pay the electricity bill or do business, someone in the power supply business hall will serve you. Of course, in order to reduce the risk of epidemic spread, the power supply staff will tell you how to pay the fee. You can pay the electricity fee and do business at home, which is convenient and safe

on January 24, Wang Yan, an employee of Qingyang County power supply company in Chizhou, Anhui Province, introduced the payment process to customers. (Zhang Jinxiu)

on January 25, Guo Jing, an employee of Shandong Jining Liangshan county power supply company, introduced the "shangguo" client to customers in the business hall of Renmin North Road. (Wu Jinghua)

on January 24, Zhao Na, an employee of Shaanxi Hanzhong Power Supply Company, introduced the method of querying the balance of electricity charges to customers. (Li Zhe)

on January 24, Deng Yanhong, an employee of the business office of Sichuan Guang'an wusheng power supply company, introduced the payment method of "going to China" to returning migrant workers. (Li Yun)

silently stick to it, selfless dedication

there are more power supply employees, who stick to places you can't see...

they are in full readiness in the emergency command center, closely monitor the electric operation in the control room, and wait for your call at the customer service seat...

on January 25, the first day of the first lunar month, "model of the times", "pioneer of reform", "the most beautiful striver" Zhang Liming, the leader of the power distribution emergency repair team of Tianjin Binhai power supply company, returned to Tianjin after participating in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala program, and continued to optimize and improve the end tools and instruments of the live working series with colleagues from the R & D team. (Cheng Quan)

on the Lunar New Year's Eve on January 24, the national customer service center opened a special seat for electricity protection during the 2020 Spring Festival. (ren Liguo)

on January 24, the staff on duty of Hubei Huanggang Huangmei County power supply company was on duty in the emergency command center. (Cheng Geng)

on January 25, yuanjianbin and Tian Guofeng, employees of Shanxi Jincheng Yangcheng Power Supply Company, closely monitored the power operation of the whole county in the dispatching control center. (Wu Guobin)

on January 24, the power dispatching of Heilongjiang Daqing Power Supply Company fully complied with our mission to change the market through innovation. Zhang Jincai and Xu Weiyan, employees of the control center, were on duty in the dispatching hall. (Zhang Xinmin)

on January 24, luzhiyong and yuanzhiyong, employees of the control team of Jiangxi Yichun Shanggao power supply company, checked the line load in the power dispatching room. (Zeng Junrong)

on January 24, Li Saisai, an employee of Shanxi Luliang Wenshui power supply company, checked the load change on New Year's Eve at the control sub center. (Liu Xiaojiang)

on January 24, employees of Fujian Ningde Gutian power supply company kept an eye on the power dispatching monitoring system to ensure safe and stable power operation. (Chen Wen)

on January 24, huzhiyong, an employee of Gansu Pingliang Jingning power supply company, monitored the electrical load in the company's regulation hall. (Shi Yafei)

on January 24, employees of Qinghai Haixi power supply company stuck to the power dispatching control center. (

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