Determination of the scientific and technological

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Determination of the scientific and technological work priorities of the chemical industry in 2015

determination of the scientific and technological work priorities of the chemical industry in 2015

November 25, 2014

[China paint information] on November 21, the 2014 science and technology award ceremony of the China Federation of petroleum and chemical industries was held in the Great Hall of the people. At this award ceremony, Li Yongwu, President of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, analyzed the current situation and existing problems faced by the development of science and technology in the industry, and pointed out the focus of scientific and technological innovation in the industry in 2015

2015 is the end of China's implementation of the 12th Five Year Plan, and it is also a crucial year for the industry to accelerate structural adjustment and mode transformation. The scientific and technological innovation of the industry should strengthen efforts in technological transformation, promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, tackling major key technologies, and cultivating strategic emerging industries

Li Yongwu pointed out that to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, we should start from three aspects: first, implement technologies such as improving industrial energy efficiency, cleaner production, and comprehensive utilization of resources (5) transform after stabilizing the pressure for 1H without leakage, and accelerate the promotion of advanced energy conservation and substitution technologies, energy cascade utilization technologies, waste comprehensive utilization technologies, cleaner production technologies, "zero emission" technologies, toxic and harmful raw material substitution technologies, etc, Further eliminate backward technology and equipment; Second, improve the process flow, strengthen the process control, speed up the upgrading of products, and improve the technical content and added value of products; Third, transform high-risk chemical products, production processes and equipment, accelerate the upgrading of safety production management, monitoring and early warning system, emergency treatment system, dangerous goods production and storage facilities and other technical equipment, and improve the intrinsic safety level of the industry

in terms of organizing and carrying out major key technological breakthroughs and accelerating the cultivation of strategic emerging industries, Li Yongwu stressed that we should aim at the world's cutting edge and seize a number of commanding heights of international scientific and technological development

first, improve the comprehensive exploration technology of complex geological oil and gas resources, coal and coalbed methane resources, improve the efficient development technology of low-grade oil and gas resources, form the core technology system and supporting equipment for the exploration and development of unconventional natural gas such as shale gas, and improve the guarantee ability of energy resources

second, actively develop the preparation, application and industrialization technology of new chemical materials such as new aramid fiber, high-strength and high modulus carbon fiber, poly (aryl ether ketone) resin, high-temperature resistant polyamide, and key membrane materials for high salt chemical wastewater treatment

3. The third is to actively develop the preparation and industrialization technology of biochemical and high-end fine chemicals, and extend the industrial chain, including biomass energy industrialization technology, green chemical synthesis process with lipase as catalyst, advanced production technology of isocyanate, lithium hexafluorophosphate preparation technology, etc

fourth, accelerate the research and development of modern coal chemical new technologies such as large-scale entrained flow pressurized gasification technology, coal to ethylene glycol production technology, coal to natural gas technology, large-scale indirect coal liquefaction to liquid fuel technology, large-scale methanol aromatization technology, clean and efficient comprehensive utilization technology of low-grade coal quality, improve the economy and environmental protection level of coal chemical projects, and promote the healthy development of modern coal chemical industry

fifth, actively promote the localization of major key equipment such as large-scale complete sets of petroleum and chemical plants, large-scale synthetic ammonia and methanol plants, million ton ethylene plants, and constantly improve the research and development capacity of large-scale high-end equipment

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