Deutsche Telekom decided to sell t

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Deutsche Telekom decided to sell T

in the face of the operating situation that the price of every situation in the U.S. market is getting lower and lower, Deutsche Telekom made up its mind and decided to sell T-Mobile America. Although the purchase price is not satisfactory, shrinking the front as soon as possible is conducive to Deutsche Telekom to focus on more potential markets

since 2009, Deutsche Telekom plans to sell its T-Mobile American company. As Deutsche Telekom began to inventory its assets in September 2010, such voices began to appear intensively, and the buyer was basically determined to be sprint Nextel. Now, the sale has entered a critical stage of bargaining between the two sides

Deutsche Telekom, known as the "German chariot", entered the U.S. market through the acquisition of voicestream wireless and powertel in 2001. At that time, the U.S. telecommunications market was in a stage of rapid development, which was full of opportunities for Deutsche Telekom. However, such a market is also full of competition, and related work such as communication is realized by internal hardware modules. In 1996, the U.S. telecommunications regulator FCC created a loose competitive environment through deregulation, and competitors of all sizes mushroomed, resulting in a very fierce competition. In addition, with the rise of emerging forces such as apple in recent years, operators in the United States bear the brunt of the impact. Foreign operators such as Deutsche Telekom, which are trying to find gold in the U.S. market, have a relatively poor business situation

statistics show that T-Mobile accounts for 1/4 of the sales revenue of Deutsche Telekom, but it is difficult to catch up with competitors on 3G, and the loss of users accelerates. In addition, T-Mobile missed the opportunity to sell iPhone. In the past five years, T-Mobile America has experienced a decline in profits for four years. About 56000 users abandoned T-Mobile America in 2010 and switched to other operators. At the same time, the number of users of sprint, at&t and Verizon increased. In this case, selling T-Mobile America has become a last resort for Deutsche Telekom

for most people in the industry, they are concerned about whether the two can achieve good synergy. Sprint Nextel is a CDMA operator and also operates WiMAX business, while T-Mobile operates GSM network in the United States. Judging from the current network, there are technical difficulties in merging the two, which will also affect the synergy

in the long run, there is still a foundation for the integration of sprint Nextel and T-Mobile. Hesse, CEO of sprint Nextel, said that the company plans to upgrade its network to LTE in the future, and LTE is also a T-Mobile network, but Shanghai chlor alkali is a negative enterprise development direction. Therefore, it can be predicted that the networks of the two companies will be well integrated in a few years. Communication world weekly

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