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◆ abandon the renderings and look at the construction drawings carefully. In the process of consulting and decoration, the designers of many home decoration companies will show the consultants very beautiful renderings, so many consumers are excited and unable to control themselves in front of this beautiful renderings, as if their future home is like this, but they do not know that this is likely to hit the sales trick of aesthetic renderings commonly used by some designers. In this reminder, in order to attract and entice consumers to sign the bill, some bad designers often use techniques such as widening the lens, exaggerating the material, and making false space to create a beautiful effect picture. In this case, the size of the effect is far from the actual size, which is impossible to achieve in reality. It is normal that there are some differences between the effect drawing and the actual effect after completion, which are mainly caused by the change of consumers' ideas and the uncertainty of construction conditions. The size of this difference is closely related to the level of the designer. The higher the level of the designer, due to the more factors considered in the design stage, the gap between the effect drawing and the construction drawing is relatively small. The design effect drawing is not equal to the final decoration result. Its application is limited to the schematic of style, shape and tone. Therefore, consumers should not only pay attention to the effect drawing. It is suggested that consumers should not be confused by beautiful renderings before signing the bill. The only way to ensure the design effect is the construction drawings with accurate data and dimensions! Even if it is a lawsuit, the construction drawings are useful, but the design drawings are useless. This reminds home decoration consumers to study more construction drawings. The quality of construction drawings to a large extent reflects the professional level of the designer. The contents and details of the designer's full set of drawings are an important symbol to judge the professional level of the designer. ◆ be greedy for small things and suffer heavy losses. Don't have a private transaction with the foreman about the construction project. Recently, Ms. Yang, a consumer, complained to reporters about the evil behavior of the foreman of a home decoration company who used inferior pipelines when undertaking her home water circuit reconstruction project. Fortunately, she found it in time and asked the foreman to replace it. In this regard, Ms. Yang said she was very ignorant and regretted it, because at the beginning, in order to save thousands of yuan, she was jointly fooled by the designer and the foreman that the home decoration company had regulations: except for the items included in the home decoration package and the personality design items expected to be added, the other items outside the contract can be contracted by the foreman. In this regard, industry insiders have said that regular home decoration companies will never have such provisions. Home decoration companies generally clearly inform consumers when signing home decoration contracts with consumers that oral commitments are invalid, and private agreements between companies are invalid. The reporter also specially interviewed the relevant person in charge of the home decoration company that decorated Ms. Yang. He responded that from the perspective of the home decoration company, they strictly prohibited the foreman from crossing the company to privately contract the home decoration projects of consumers, in order to protect the rights and interests of consumers and maintain the reputation of the enterprise, but now there are still low-quality foremen who unconsciously seduce consumers in private and use consumers' cheap consumption psychology to do private work. On the other hand, from the perspective of consumers, some consumers buy decoration materials by themselves. If they unilaterally approve the construction technology of the foreman or workers, they may take the initiative to ask the foreman or workers to do the project and pay them privately, instead of signing a supplementary agreement and paying fees with the home decoration company. More consumers, in order to get a temporary bargain, let the foreman go to the building materials market to choose and buy decoration materials and then install them. However, the foreman also takes inferior building materials as inferior ones in order to maximize his personal interests, earning a price difference between consumers and small building materials merchants, and eventually laying hidden dangers. No matter which of the above situations, the lack of security will be highlighted when there is a problem, because the home decoration company of the construction project privately contracted by consumers to the foreman cannot be responsible, and the foreman cannot be responsible. Here we remind the majority of home decoration consumers: since you choose a formal home decoration company, you should rely on the available umbrella of home decoration company, do not have money exchanges with foremen or workers due to the project construction, and ensure that all expenses are generated with the invoice receipt issued by home decoration company; Any agreement between the designer or foreman and the home decoration company should be written, signed and confirmed by both parties, and those involving the home decoration company should also be stamped with the official seal. ◆ reporter's notes in the reporter's interview, Chen Rui, general manager of Dongyirisheng love house and Wu home decoration, said an impressive paragraph. Home decoration consumers need to know more about the process, standards and regulations. It is best to have a good understanding of the contract and drawings, be responsible for the money they spend, and be responsible for themselves. It can't be said that like many owners now, they don't even look at what you buy. They always say ‘ I believe you, no problem ’, I didn't bother to work hard, but finally I was anxious when I was not satisfied. Indeed, for a long time, consumers have been regarded as the weak side, and it is in this kind of public opinion that many consumers gradually sink, acquiesce to their vulnerability, blindly emphasize the role of businesses, ignore and waste their own strength, and finally bury hidden dangers. However, many problems caused by ignorance are often avoidable from the beginning. In fact, it's better to put our strength ahead than to focus on the final solution. Perhaps in the end, we will find that this is more worry-free and labor-saving, and it has reached the perfection that consumers initially expected




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