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The 2016-2017 national survey of home furnishing dealers and the award ceremony for the selection of excellent brands in the wood door decoration industry were grandly held in Beijing on March 15, 2017, and the high-quality opalni was honored as the "top ten brands of wood doors"

on March 15, the "2016-2017 national survey of home furnishing industry dealers and the award ceremony for the selection of excellent brands in the wood door decoration industry", jointly sponsored by Huiya media, China (Beijing) International Door Industry Exhibition, integrated Custom Home Furnishing Exhibition and strongly supported by the China Interior Decoration Association, was grandly held at Beijing New National Exhibition. Nearly 400 industry leaders, guests and media friends attended the event, Jointly witness the birth of the seven awards. With high-quality products and considerate services, opany integrated wooden door stood out in this big survey, and won the honor of "top ten wooden door brands". The achievements witnessed the unique charm of the enterprise

group photo of enterprises that have won the "top ten brands of wooden doors"

the major survey activity that lasted for more than 5 months has given colleagues in the industry enough time to fully understand and understand these brands and select their most supported brands. As an excellent enterprise in the industry, oppeni integrated wooden door has always been at the front end, showing its strong charm

after just a few years of development, the wooden door brand of oupai home furnishing group has become one of the top ten wooden door brands and industry leaders in China, with nearly 600 agents. Its marketing network basically covers the whole of China. At the same time, it has been strong in the wooden door industry with an average annual growth rate of 50% for three consecutive years. At present, opany has four manufacturing bases in Guangzhou, Tianjin, Wuxi and Qingyuan, 200000 square meters of production plants, exports to 36 countries and regions, produces 600000 sets of high-end wooden doors per year, and has a mature and perfect system of production capacity and marketing. Oppeni wooden door took the lead in launching the revolutionary concept of "integral wooden door" in the industry, that is, under the style matching of the whole house, it organically integrates the wooden door with supporting products such as dado, pass cover, window cover and skirting line, forming a customized decoration scheme for the whole house of wooden door, which has promoted the progress of the industry. Therefore, oppeni wooden door has won dozens of honors, such as the top ten Chinese wooden door brands, the leading enterprise in the wooden door industry, the Gold Award for original design, and so on, awarded by authoritative institutions at home and abroad

the "dealer survey" activity has always adhered to the purpose of "going deep into the channel terminals and finding advantageous brands". The activity is constantly upgrading, making the information exchange of manufacturers more convenient and fast, and achieving that the award of excellent brands is really decided by the dealers. After winning this award, oppeni said that it would always strictly demand itself with "the same European School, the same standard", and ensure first-class products and quality from product research and development to manufacturing and production, to store display and after-sales service





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