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[] the competition in the real estate market is becoming more and more intense, and the model room has also become a commercial weapon for developers. In these beautifully decorated model rooms, there are some deceptions to customers, which makes many home buyers complain about the difference between the actual housing and the model room when delivering the house. When walks into a fashionable and beautiful model room, many house watchers will marvel at the atmosphere and decoration of the room. This looks beautiful through decoration. The decoration and design cost of the model room is tens of thousands of yuan, and the beautiful accessories cost thousands of yuan. The sales manager of a real estate business in this city told reporters. According to him, the developer to build a model room of about 100 square meters, including the construction of external walls, design and decoration materials, should be at least 600000 yuan, and some even reach more than 1 million yuan. The decoration of the model room is the facade of the developer's real estate, which is very important. In order to decorate the model room, many developers implement the bidding system, or invite designers from Guangdong and Taiwan to design the decoration, and achieve the perfect decoration style through many expensive high-end accessories. When many home buyers decorate their houses themselves, they often complain that the same house can't fit the feeling of a model room. www.Jiazhuang6. COM ◆ the space of the model room is quietly enlarged. When the sales lady takes a look at the model room, the house is spacious and bright. But once you check in, you will find the pipelines in the room and the plumbing pipes in the bathroom &hellip& hellip; These odds and ends make the room look much more crowded than the model room. Ms. Zhang, who lives in a community on the Yellow River, said. Indeed, there are no items that hinder the space in the model room. According to the sales manager, there are almost no household appliances in the model room, some of which are flat-panel TVs, air conditioners or ovens, and others, such as washing machines, refrigerators, water heaters and other household appliances, which will look more spacious. In addition, the furniture in some sample rooms is also specially made according to the size of the room, and most of them are small, so buyers will feel that the room becomes smaller when they buy furniture by themselves. www.Jiazhuang6. In addition, in order to make the space look more transparent and visually comfortable, some developers often use high brightness lighting and open up some walls to make an open kitchen or transparent bathroom, which is not practical for actual living. In order to make the model room look more spacious, some developers will make the model room larger than the actual room area, which is often used in small family model rooms, which will not only expand in area, but also increase in height. In order to cater to the market, developers have launched many small apartment types in recent years, but the shared area of high-rise buildings is relatively large, and the occupancy rate is only about 75% to 80%. The area of the house will be much smaller than the building area. If the model room is made according to the area of the house, it may affect the determination of buyers to pay for it. And it is impossible for buyers to ask developers for architectural drawings when looking at the model room, and take a ruler to measure by themselves. ◆ there is a gap between the fine decoration and the model room. Ms. Wang, who just got the room key, found that there was a big gap between the fine decoration Western-style house she bought and the model room. At that time, she saw that the decoration of the model room was extremely meticulous, but when she handed over the house, she saw that the house she bought was not so good. If there were cracks in the floor tiles, the color of the bedroom floor was uneven, and the putty paste in the joints of the toilet basin and the kitchen cabinet was spread from inside to outside, The average decoration cost of more than 1000 yuan per square meter is really not worth it. Indeed, there is a gap between the actual situation of many fine decorated houses and the model room. According to the sales manager, due to the batch decoration of fine decorated houses, there must be a situation that carrots are fast and do not wash mud. In addition, there are often some equipment in the houses that are handed over for inspection that are inconsistent with the contract, such as the style or brand of anti-theft doors, sanitary ware, decorative materials, lamps and overall cabinets, which are inconsistent with the model room, At this time, the buyer can ask the developer for replacement according to the specific agreement on the purchase contract. In addition, many of the furniture and accessories in the model room of the fine decorated house are not included in the actual delivery. The buyer must ask clearly in advance to avoid being blinded by the beautiful model room





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