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The 19th China International Industry Expo, with a professional audience of more than 160000, closed in September next year. In the afternoon of November 11, the 5-day 19th China International Industry Expo came to a successful conclusion in Shanghai. The scale of participation and the number of professional visitors of this Industrial Expo reached a record high. As of 12:30 yesterday, the fair had attracted more than 160000 professional visitors at home and abroad, an increase of nearly 6.67% over the same period last year

fengyun-4 geostationary orbit meteorological satellite and 12000 ton self-propelled slewing crane ship, which won the special honor award of the Industrial Expo, have attracted much attention; I don't know you, but there are 10 or 6 grooves with different widths in the parting surface and gate on the side wall of the disc. 2. The cool high-tech exhibits, such as bright glasses with which the guide post knows who you are, smart speakers with hundreds of millions of audio, Xiaoya, metal 3D printers, man-machine bombs and other production experts in the medical and aviation fields, make the industrial fair a large film venue where science fiction is far from meeting the needs of the market. The information and communication technology that connects life into the intelligent era and the new energy technology that creates a green industrial chain have highlighted the theme of innovation, intelligence and green of this ICIF

during this year's ICIF, a series of important meetings were also held, including the International Conference on innovation and emerging industry development (IEID), the global urban informatization forum, the made in China 2025 International Cooperation Forum, the 2017 World Smart car conference, etc. city managers and decision makers from all regions of the world, CEOs of Fortune 500 enterprises, senior officials and experts from international organizations and United Nations agencies were invited to communicate and discuss in depth

focusing on the implementation of the State Council's development plan for a new generation of artificial intelligence, the fair set up the first AI Artificial Intelligence zone, presenting the latest scientific and technological innovation and application achievements at home and abroad, and helping to implement the implementation opinions of Shanghai on promoting the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence speech recognition technology praised by the premier and the world's first artificial intelligence special chip for intelligence were sought after by visitors

it is reported that next year will be the 20th anniversary of the founding of the China International Industry Fair, and the 20th International Industry Fair will be held in September 2018

the organizers said that next year's Industrial Expo will pay more attention to driving the development of the real economy. While expanding the scale of the exhibition, it will further improve the quality and level of exhibition, highlight the latest development of intelligent manufacturing marked by artificial intelligence and the latest practice of information technology, further help the construction of Shanghai's globally influential scientific and technological innovation center, and make every effort to serve the industrial supply side structural reform. At the same time, more attention will be paid to open exhibitions and conferences. Next year, Germany and other industrial 4.0 powers will be selected to further create new cooperative partnerships, help build bridgeheads along the the Belt and Road, and deepen the opening and cooperation between Chinese and foreign industries

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