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Shanghai nuoguang

Shanghai nuoguang gear processing small supermarket with stable quality and high precision is listed as a well-known brand. Customers are welcome to choose and buy. Tooth types: metric system and British system, and all kinds of straight and helical teeth are available. Such as cylindrical gear, gear shaft, duplex gear, internal gear, combined gear, etc

processing range: 0 Die gears can be used, with an outer diameter of 6 ", he added -800mm

processing methods: turning, gear hobbing, gear shaping and gear grinding

main processing equipment: CNC lathe, CNC gear hobbing machine, CNC gear grinding machine

material requirements: POM, 45#, A3, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, etc

measuring instruments: hardness tester, micrometer, projector, gear meter

accuracy: up to national standard level, and up to level 3 after grinding

gear features: good transmission performance, low noise, long service life and reasonable price

gear processing:

the processing process of cylindrical gears generally includes the following contents: gear blank processing, tooth surface processing, heat treatment process and tooth surface finishing. In the process of compiling the process, the reason is that most of the change extensometers that are matched with the change fatigue testing machine are change extensometers or torsion tension combination extensometers, and various process schemes are often adopted due to the different gear structure, accuracy grade, production batch and production environment

the gear processing process can be roughly divided into the following stages:

1) the formation of gear blanks: Forgings, bars or castings

2) rough machining: remove more allowance

3) semi finishing: turning, rolling and gear shaping

4) heat treatment: quenching and tempering, carburizing and quenching, high frequency induction heating and quenching of tooth surface, etc.

5) finish machining: finish machining benchmark, finish machining tooth profile

it can also be used as a cold source (heat source) to provide the processing center for gear reducer accessories with liquid outside the groove: gear processing, gear motor, worm gear, stepless speed change machine, gear commutator, worm gear reducer, screw lifter, micro cycloid needle gear reducer, precision planetary reducer, spiral bevel gear reducer, helical gear hard tooth surface reducer, reducer accessories processing

if gear processing, worm gear processing, rack, sprocket, synchronous pulley, nylon gear and other reducer accessories processing are required, you can consult the drawings or samples, and both domestic and imported can be processed. More relevant

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