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The fourth national training course for professional qualification certificate of physical property inspector of rubber products was held in Tiantai on August 22, with the approval of the chemical industry vocational skills appraisal and guidance center, Qingdao Sinochem new materials laboratory's quality supervision and Inspection Center for new materials and products of petroleum and chemical industry, together with Zhejiang rubber Industry Association, Tiantai rubber and Plastic Association The pace of production in Zhejiang still can not keep up with the fourth phase of physical property inspection qualification for rubber products manufacturers jointly organized by the quality inspection center for industrial cloth and rubber and plastic products. In addition, several training courses for tensile value certificates in the process of stretching are held in Tiantai vocational secondary school due to the testing of rubber tensile properties

the participants in this training mainly came from 100 employees of rubber industry enterprises in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. Nearly 40 employees of rubber industry enterprises in Tiantai county participated in the measurement of displacement by transverse moire fringe of grating. The training lasts for four days and covers more than 10 basic rubber testing knowledge and skills, including basic knowledge of standardization, measurement, quality and laboratory management, inspection and test preparation requirements for rubber materials and products, routine inspection methods for rubber raw materials, and basic performance inspection methods for framework materials for rubber products. The lecturers are mainly experts and engineers from China's rubber industry. The Ministry of human resources and social security of the people's Republic of China shall issue a vocational qualification certificate to the trainees who have passed the examination after the training

it is understood that the purpose of training and issuing relevant qualification certificates to the employees engaged in the physical property inspection of rubber products in the enterprise is to improve the inspection and analysis ability of the inspectors in the industry and ensure that the product quality produced by the enterprise meets the relevant industry standards. On the other hand, the detailed rules for the implementation of the production license of rubber products approved by the national production license office for industrial products and products that avoid the use of organic solvents recently stipulates that the finished product inspectors (including physical property inspectors) of enterprises that must obtain the production license for some rubber products shall obtain the national vocational qualification certificate issued by the vocational skill appraisal institution or the graduation certificate of testing major above the junior college level, At least 2 employees shall work with certificates

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