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The 2017 annual business conference of Xingbang Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was held in a grand manner. The 2017 annual business conference of Xingbang Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was held in a grand manner. In 2017, new year's day has just passed, and the new year is coming. At the same time, Hunan Xingbang heavy Industry Co., Ltd. has entered its tenth year of establishment. On the occasion of the gathering of these three festivals, in order to appreciate the long-term support of our customers, forge ahead hand in hand with our customers, and forge ahead into the future, Xingbang heavy industry held a grand 2017 Xingbang business annual meeting with the theme of "professional quality to create brilliance" in Changsha Tongcheng hot Spring Hotel, the capital of construction machinery manufacturing, on January 8. More than 100 leaseholder customers, suppliers and financial partners from all over the country participated in the annual meeting

on the site of the annual business conference, you are there all the way (16) and moving forward together (17)

at the conference, liuguoliang, chairman of Xingbang heavy industry, made an incisive analysis on the domestic macroeconomic situation and the development of the high-tech equipment manufacturing industry, and also made a brief summary of the achievements made by Xingbang heavy industry with the help and support of all partners. Subsequently, Ms. xuhongxia, general manager of Xingbang heavy industry, issued the report "professional quality, create brilliance together". President Xu made a comprehensive and in-depth report on Xingbang's products, services and marketing to all the guests, and jointly looked forward to the 2017 Xingbang plan with all the guests, so as to enhance mutual confidence and create the brilliance of people belonging to the aerial work platform

chairman liuguoliang delivers a welcome speech

general manager xuhongxia makes a keynote speech

the leasing industry has a huge demand, and professional management and operation drive the enterprise to move forward

where is the business? Where are the profits? Where is the development direction? These questions are the most common problems that our lessors face. In view of the above problems, kongyanxiao, an elite Zhihui teacher, combined with the market research of more than three months in the early stage, scientifically, rigorously, carefully and deeply analyzed the current situation of the aerial work platform leasing industry through market big data, and shared a rich Market Research Report with the lessors. Due to the limited time for sharing, many guests took photos and recorded them, waiting for digestion after the meeting

kongyanxiao, an elite Zhihui teacher, made a Market Research Report

the combination of the strong and the strong, the launch of the intelligent cloud service platform, and the two pronged approach to improve the service experience

Cummins (China) and simbond heavy industries held a strategic cooperation agreement at the conference. The project funds came from the signing ceremony of the national aerospace technology development project (natep). After the signing ceremony, Cummins, a century old engine manufacturer, represented president Xiao, Introduce the ways and contents of cooperation with Xingbang to the guests one by one. After that, there was a great demand for modified plastics. Ma Jun, Minister of Xingbang heavy industry service department, demonstrated to the guests Xingbang heavy industry intelligent cloud service platform, equipment remote monitoring, mobile terminal convenient operation, big data operation management, fault real-time repair and other modules, which essentially improved the customer's control over the equipment. The all-round support and innovation of products, technologies and after-sales services are a strong guarantee for the efficient use of equipment by our customers

signing ceremony of strategic cooperation agreement between Cummins and Xingbang heavy industry

Xingbang intelligent service cloud platform

ten years Xingbang, thank you for your great support from customers, suppliers, cooperative financial institutions and other partners along the way. In order to thank these partners for their help and support, Xingbang commended and rewarded the outstanding partner representatives in 2016. The award-winning representatives also agreed with the development concept and experience management of Xingbang heavy industry, and said that they would strengthen business contacts with Xingbang and work together

the arm type aerial work platform has a two-year warranty. It is the first in the industry to launch the

"invigorating the nation through hard work". Of course, the gratitude activity of Xingbang heavy industry is not "empty talk". This is another major service commitment of Xingbang heavy industry after the 2-year warranty upgrade of the fork cutting equipment. The two-year warranty of the arm type aerial work platform and the extra long warranty are our confidence in the product quality and our commitment to ensure the customer's safety in the use of the equipment

the 10th anniversary of the product launch

at the 10th anniversary of the product launch, Xingbang heavy industry grandly launched the commemorative version of the product. The newly designed appearance, unique commemorative coating, high-quality paint process, fully upgraded configuration and injection of product upgrading elements have attracted the attention of the guests at the beginning of the release. A 4-year warranty service is added to the commemorative version of the equipment. Special products are for special you

10th anniversary painting commemorative products

four "luxury gifts" were sent continuously. After the release of the commemorative version of the product, jianyueming, deputy general manager of Xingbang heavy industry marketing company, announced the first wave of "luxury" gifts for Xingbang 10th anniversary celebration. "Drive a luxury car, live in a luxury house, use luxury equipment and travel to Europe", Xingbang sent them one by one. From january8,2017 to February 27, 2018, buy the equipment for the 10th anniversary, Mercedes Benz cars, luxury villas, and European in-depth industrial tours. The on-site guests applauded one after another, and their excitement was beyond expression

group photo of business annual meeting

2016 is a harvest year, and 2017 is a year we should look forward to. Xingbang will create brilliance with you with high-quality products and professional services

if you missed this event and need to know about relevant information, please call Hunan Xingbang Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and we will serve you wholeheartedly

in the new year, I wish you a wide range of financial resources, great plans, prosperous career and happy and harmonious family! (this article is from Xingbang heavy industry)

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