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Professional headbox maintenance service is the guarantee of paper quality

release date: Source: Huazhang technology

Shandong Huatai pm6 paper machine headbox field maintenance work was completed on October 23. The headbox nozzle width of the paper machine is 7640mm, and the design speed is 1100 M/min. The purpose of this on-site maintenance is to solve the abnormal spraying problem of pm6 headbox, and to exit at the end of the test or when the user forcibly interrupts the test to improve the paper forming indicators such as oxide skin and metal debris, involving the on-site replacement and maintenance of key parts. After receiving the service request from Shandong Huatai, the on-site service engineers of Huazhang Meichen gathered at the user's site at the first time, and completed the maintenance, repair and replacement of key parts, and commissioning of headbox action mechanism in just 28 hours. The maintenance quality was affirmed by the customer

the headbox field service of Huazhang technology Meichen company is based on the accumulated experience of Hangzhou Meichen company in the past 30 years in the design and production of headbox rubber tensile testing machine. The headbox field service can provide on-site replacement of upper and lower lip plates, on-site grinding and upgrading of dilution water banners for various types of high-speed and large width headboxes, and the displacement control accuracy is about 0.1mm, If the equipment precision is not enough, the quantity control system, electric lip fine adjustment and spare parts customization of various headboxes will be provided

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