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Professor sunzuwang: price competition is unfavorable to industry development professor sunzuwang: price competition is unfavorable to industry development

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Guide: on March 2, 2014, the universal experimental machine of Jinan experimental machine factory was fully functional. On March 8, 2014, the sixth stop of the 2014 road machinery new product Conference of XCMG group, a major energy-saving pioneer of XCMG group, was grandly held in Guangzhou. Mr. sunzuwang, a professor of Chang'an University at the age of 81, attended and delivered a speech. After the meeting, China Construction Machinery Information () specialty

on March 28, 2014, the sixth stop of XCMG group's "pioneer in energy saving of heavy equipment in a large country - XCMG group's 2014 road machinery new product launch" was grandly held in Guangzhou. Mr. sunzuwang, a professor of Chang'an University at the age of 81, attended and delivered a speech. After the meeting, China Construction Machinery Information () made an exclusive interview with Professor sunzuwang, the academic leader of China's road construction and maintenance machinery industry

Professor Sun Zuwang said that in the 21st century, China has entered the development stage of innovation and independent research and development. XCMG construction and maintenance machinery has achieved a magnificent turn and become the backbone of highway construction and maintenance, contributing to the revitalization of national industry and the realization of the "Chinese dream" of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, "Only when we overcome difficulties and overcome difficulties can we show our heroic qualities. They are more like scientific research wizards and pioneers of reform and innovation. They want to fill the gaps, create myths and promote the sustainable development of the industry. They have created advanced technologies that compete with the world's strong players, which has made a historic leap in the development of China's construction and maintenance machinery technology and even construction technology, and forged a great power and heavy weapon that Chinese people are proud of!"

Professor Sun Zuwang said that from last year's point of view, the international economic development trend has not completely come out of the trough, and the situation in the second half of last year will continue to a certain extent this year, "China and other emerging countries are taking certain measures to promote the development of emerging industries. The development is slow but on the rise. In the face of the international financial crisis, China first adopted the investment oriented national economic stimulus policy. After the Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee, it will no longer rely solely on the policy of expanding infrastructure investment, but will experience a slow process of changing the mode of economic development."

when talking about the biggest problem facing the construction machinery industry at present, Professor Sun Zuwang told China Construction machinery information that overcapacity is an indisputable fact for the construction machinery industry, and backward technology enterprises are bound to be eliminated in the wave of competition, which is an inevitable trend for China to change the mode of economic growth

"pavement machinery is a large consumer of resources. During the construction process, stones, asphalt, etc. must be heated repeatedly, which requires a lot of heat energy. Therefore, products with backward technology, serious pollution and high energy consumption will be phased out, and enterprises with backward technology will be merged by large enterprises." Professor sunzuwang stressed that as industry leaders, such as XCMG, Zoomlion and sany, 4.1 mixture should play a good exemplary and leading role in technological innovation

at present, the overcapacity of China's construction machinery directly leads to low price competition in the industry. When purchasing construction machinery products or services, most customers want to obtain as much performance, service value and low price as possible. However, in the highly competitive construction machinery industry, it is impossible for a supplier to achieve the best level of three core values at the same time. For a specific product or service, customers often purchase according to one of the three core value strategies. Professor sunzuwang pointed out that the homogenization of industry technology and competition solely by lowering prices are not conducive to the development of the industry and enterprises, which will lead to a substantial decline in the profits of the whole industry, and enterprises do not have more power to invest in technological innovation and provide good services. It should be said that a high-quality product is a high-quality price. XCMG's fourth generation road roller has a high degree of intelligence, so its positioning is high. "To have a foothold in the industry, we must rely on product quality and advanced technology to compete. For construction enterprises, it is also very important to choose products with good reputation and high technology content of parts and components."

guest introduction:

Professor Sun Zuwang graduated from Jiaotong University in 1955, majored in mechanical manufacturing. In 1956, he went to Moscow automobile and highway College of the former Soviet Union to study abroad. After returning to China in 1961, he taught at the former Xi'an Highway College (now Chang'an University). He has successively served as director of the teaching and Research Office, director of the central laboratory, director and vice president of the Research Institute. He was the Secretary of the Party committee of Xi'an Highway University in 1983 and the president of Xi'an Highway University in 1988 until he retired from the leadership position in 1999

Professor Sun Zuwang has long served as chairman and vice chairman of academic organizations in the domestic highway, construction machinery, agricultural machinery and other industries. He has made fruitful achievements in long-term scientific research. He has won the second prize of important scientific and technological achievements of Shaanxi Province in 1978, the first prize of scientific research achievements of Shaanxi Provincial Education Commission in 1984, the third prize of scientific and technological progress of the state machinery Commission, the third prize of scientific and technological progress of the Ministry of communications in 1991, and the second prize of scientific and technological progress of Shandong Provincial Department of communications in 2001. He has also published a series of academic papers and works. In terms of patents, Professor Sun Zuwang has successively invented four utility model patents and three invention patents

Professor Sun Zuwang's works have greatly promoted the technological progress of China's road construction and maintenance machinery industry. Hanging a belt can have a far-reaching impact. At the same time, as a recognized leader in China's road construction and maintenance machinery industry, Professor Sun Zuwang advocated the creation of many live experiments that are very important to the development of the industry. The bending center diameter required depends on the thickness and organization of medium and thick steel plates. Dozens of construction enterprises and equipment manufacturing enterprises that have helped guide have benefited to varying degrees

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