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Wenzhou has awarded professional titles for professionals in the plastic film industry. Wenzhou Municipal Personnel Bureau has successively set up professional and technical qualification evaluation for clothing, leather shoes, printing and other pillar industries in our city that can be used as experimental projects, filling 12 professional gaps beyond 29 Series in the country. It is reported that the plastic film and pen making professional deformation units mm, cm and inch that have just been set up have also completed the first review

since 1998, Wenzhou has carried out professional and technical qualification evaluation for clothing. In combination with industrial characteristics, the Municipal Personnel Bureau has successively carried out qualification evaluation for leather shoes, printing, smoking sets, zippers, plastic weaving and other specialties. So far, more than 2000 people have obtained relevant professional qualification certificates. In 2001, Wenzhou took the lead in carrying out the evaluation of "printing Technologists" in the country. This extension of professional title evaluation has attracted the attention of domestic peers. Printing industry associations in Shanghai, Fujian, Ningbo, Shenzhen and other cities have followed Wenzhou's example

Chenpingxun, Secretary General of the municipal printing industry association, said that the expansion of professional title qualification evaluation has benefited the enterprise a lot. First, the professional skills of industry professionals have been recognized, and the industry competitiveness has been greatly improved. After experiencing the development stages of "price war" and "market war", Wenzhou light industry has begun to move forward to a higher level than patents and innovation brands

according to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Personnel Bureau, many specialties in Wenzhou light industry can not find corresponding ones in the 29 series of professional and technical job evaluation and employment carried out by the state. To a certain extent, ldquo; It has hindered the development of the enterprise and affected the enthusiasm of professional technicians. After the extension of professional titles, the enthusiasm of professional and technical personnel who have made contributions to the development of Wenzhou's pillar industries has been fully mobilized, and the Wenzhou characteristics of professional title evaluation have also been formed

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