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International paper and Fraser announced to raise pulp prices from July 1

American International Paper Company (IP) and American Fraser paper company plan to raise pulp prices from July 1, respectively

fraser announced on June 27 local time that it would increase the quotation of its superior North bleached (mixed) hardwood pulp (nbhk) for North America and Europe to $490/metric ton, with price increases of $20 and $30 respectively

ip informed its customers on June 26 that in North America, except for Northern bleached cork kraft pulp (NBSK), the price of other pulps increased by $20 per metric ton. NBSK raised its price by $10 to $510/Mt

ip fluff pulp has raised its price by US $20 per metric ton worldwide, and the quotations for North America and Europe have reached US $620/metric ton and US $600/metric ton respectively

ip raised the price of Southern bleached cork kraft pulp (SBSK) sold in North America and Europe to 480 US dollars/metric ton. Nbhk offered 490 US dollars/metric ton to North America (this variety is not sold to Europe). The new price of Southern bleached hardwood kraft pulp (sbhk) offered 470 US dollars/metric ton to North America and 480 US dollars/metric ton to Europe

ip has not formulated a price increase plan for Japan and South Korea. In June, the price of NBSK in these two places was USD/Mt. s these fibers and resins were injected into BSK and sbhk for about USD 450/Mt. IP nbhk is not sold to Japan and South Korea

The total production capacity of commercial pulp of

ip is about 2.8 million metric tons, including about 500000 metric tons of Carter Holt Harvey company (CHH) in New Zealand

fraser, a senior official, said that the production of its Thurso factory in Quebec province in June had problems due to the weather, and the shipment had been adversely affected. The annual production capacity of the plant is 240000 metric tons

he said that from the inquiry received, it can be seen that the available quantity of hardwood pulp is insufficient, and buyers are looking for such special products produced by Fraser. "I 5. The main configuration and price of the equipment. I don't think anyone will pick it up and say, 'send me 500 tons before the weekend'."

the market is still waiting to judge the pulp market in summer. An international agent said that the spot transaction price of some NBSK transactions concluded this week and delivered in July was still the same as that in June, and it was a 90 day forward payment, or the freight to the destination was higher. "Everyone is already selling at a low price," he said The agent also said that European paper makers were ready to stop production in August

the new quotation of international paper NBSK for North America of US $510/MT is the same as that of Weyerhaeuser and Bowater; The price quoted by Canada's canFor, America's Pope Talbot and Canada's TEMBEC is $520/Mt

in terms of fluff pulp, Huihao and Buckeye technologies of the United States have also announced price increases from July 1

the new SBSK quotation of Baoshui and Georgia Taiping f0+ F1 (n) foreign company (GP) is 480 US dollars/metric ton, that of Parsons Whittemore (p w) is 490 US dollars/metric ton, and that of Baoshui poplar pulp is 470 US dollars/metric ton. P w and Baoshui's southern sbhk offer are $480/MT and $460/mt respectively

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