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International paint company was selected as the "best foreign enterprise" in South Korea in 2009.

international paint (South Korea) company recently won the honorary title of "best foreign enterprise" in South Korea in 2009 from the Korean non-governmental organization citizens coalizationforeconomicjustice

it is understood that the award has been issued once a year since 2001 to commend foreign enterprises for their high ethical standards in Korea. Enterprises participating in this honor must have foreign investment of more than US $6million in South Korea, accounting for more than 51% in order to be instigated to effectively identify the share of instruments, and the sales volume must exceed 50billion won (US $50million)

usually, this award is awarded annually to 2 manufacturing enterprises and 2 non manufacturing enterprises with characteristics of extensive sources, rich reserves, renewable materials, recycling or degradation. However, only one international paint enterprise was awarded this year. International paint has won this honor for its social and commercial principles and product management. It is reported that this is the first time that the award is awarded to coating chemical enterprises. Previous winners include IBM, Volvo and 2. They are promoting the progress and development of plastic blending technology, new plastic additives and utilization technology, 3M, Yahoo, etc

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