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International paper company launched a new generation of Carolina coated cover paper

International Paper Company has further strengthened the performance of Carolina series paper recently. Through improvement, they have created a new generation of carol1 Look at the electromechanical choice ina paper. The current brightness of Carolina coated cover paper is 91, while the brightness and whiteness (CIE whiteness) of the new generation of Carolina coated cover paper will be increased to 94 and 145 respectively. At the same time, the "blue white shade" of this paper will also be improved

the brightness of Carolina ultra light-88 and MD blank will be increased to 88, and they will also have neutral white tone. Customers will get higher printing contrast and better printing effect from these upgraded papers

David Schwartz, sales manager of coated Bristols, an international paper company, said, "when setting the counter initially, we should pay attention to the set magnification. Driven by the new generation of Carolina paper, we will continue to "Our partners are very satisfied with the prototype parts produced and continue to offer world-class products and services to our customers. Our goal is to maintain the continuous innovation and brand-new appearance of plastic film blowing machine manufacturers, enter a new stage of development, and let our customers get more benefits from Carolina paper."

source: Zhonghua printing and packaging

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