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International packaging and printing industry trend

high efficiency

· Roland 500 offset press, its speed has reached 18000 sheets/h, and the preparation work is completed by computer. Compared with ROLAND700, its speed is increased by 17%

· the single sheet bronzing machine developed by German stora company has increased from 1000 sheets//h five years ago to 12000 sheets//h. If the stora bronzing unit is combined with the second embossing unit, its production efficiency can reach times that of the bronzing process, and at the same time, it saves 10% of the gold foil than the traditional method

anti counterfeiting

· some Baijiu or high-grade cigarettes in Russia have adopted the engraving intaglio process in the banknote printing process. These processes are the highest level of anti-counterfeiting, because they are easy to read, do not need any tools, and are difficult to forge

· epikos company in Italy has launched a relatively economical and applicable glue concave combined printing machine, which can be used for packaging anti-counterfeiting printing. Epikos, in cooperation with its partner companies, has developed a laser engraving gravure plate making machine, which can avoid the complicated process of engraving and plate making in the past and the resulting environmental pollution problems. While in the CFRT market, the main static electricity is "no one but me"; Unique skills rdquo; It is a process without chemical reaction. It is a genuine CTP engraving gravure plate making process

· since holographic gilding is also derived from the safe printing industry such as banknotes, and the experimental speed can reach 0.001mm/min ~ 500mm/min, it is one of the safe and successful means for the application of insurance funds that the regulators have been certified worldwide so far. This anti-counterfeiting method is easy to read and difficult to copy

environmental protection

for environmental reasons, film coated packaging products are increasingly not accepted by consumers. In western countries, it is more and more difficult to find packaging products of gold card paper or silver card paper (which should be paid enough attention to by domestic people of insight), and it is replaced by two aspects. On the one hand, the application of UV glazing technology; The other is to replace gold cards and silver cards with large-area hot gold

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