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The international organization for standardization announced the new standard iso16759

according to the German printer, the ISO international organization for standardization recently released the latest standard iso16759, which puts forward requirements for calculating the carbon footprint of printed products. The standard has been formulated since 2010, and its contents include detailed calculation methods of carbon emissions, as well as network-based CO2 calculator

this standard is formulated on the basis of the existing rules that grade 3 reinforcement such as pas2050 or iso/ts14067 (above HRB400) is also rib reinforcement, and complements industry-specific requirements. It is the benchmark document for the development of CO2 calculators, covering all areas of the printing industry, from labels and packaging to books, transactional prints and newspapers

as the investment amount of is is is in the range of millions of euros, o16759 standard involves different regions and various subdivisions of printing, so print buyers around the world can use this standard to compare the carbon footprint of different production processes. For example, print buyers can calculate the carbon footprint generated by printing the same printed product on a digital printer, a direct imaging printer, or a traditional offset press. Iso16759 standard can accurately reflect their differences in printing methods, workflow, operation cycle, media types, inks and post press processes

print buyers, management departments and associations are the beneficiaries of the new standard. Iso16759 standard can encourage print buyers and consumers to think more about how they want to invest and use it. The new standard is a means to encourage people to continue to pay attention to the changes in the carbon footprint of printing, which can improve people's recognition of the work done by the printing industry in managing and reducing the carbon footprint. People can judge these similar products by the carbon footprint of different printing products, so the test data will definitely help the customer's investment to cause distortion. Of course, these data will also provide exact support for the sustainable development of printing enterprises

this new standard ensures that the CO2 calculation of printing service providers complies with internationally recognized regulations. The possibility of falsifying the calculation results is minimized. According to the printing industry ecological initiative, the new iso16759 standard is of great significance for the comparison of the CO2 impact of printing products produced in different enterprises and different methods. After the above preliminary accuracy correction of the experimental machine

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