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The international oil price soared 13% in a week, and the weekly line of US stocks ended three consecutive positives.

the oil price in New York easily broke 100 last week, and the weekly increase of 13.55% really scared us stocks. Although the last transaction on the 25th may be helpful: Celanese announced that a series of polymer detection technologies can help original equipment manufacturers and suppliers ensure that parts meet their material specifications. There was a rebound on the 25th, the weekly line of U.S. stocks remained positive for three consecutive days, with the S & P 500 index hitting its largest weekly decline since November last year

analysts pointed out that the volatile political situation in the Middle East made the market worried that the rise in oil prices would drag down the economic recovery, and the fear of funds entering the market also weakened the momentum of market growth

On the 25th, benefiting from the news that the U.S. consumer confidence index hit a three-year high, U.S. stocks rebounded to a certain extent, but there was a sharp correction on the weekly line

as of the close on the 25th, the Dow rose about 0.5%, while the S & P 500 and Nasdaq rose more than 1%. However, the weekly line of US stocks ended the previous three consecutive weeks of rising trend. The S & P 500 index fell 1.7% last week, the largest decline in three months; The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 2.1% last week; The NASDAQ fell 1.9%

although the U.S. stock market is weak, energy stocks outperform. The S & P 500 energy index became the only industry index to rise, with a weekly increase of 1.07%

the S & P 500 index hit its highest level since June 2008 on the 18th, but fell sharply by 2.1% on the 22nd, the largest one-day decline since August 11 last year. The index rose 13% last year and 5% so far this year. Some institutional investors believe that with the high oil price, the investment risk of the U.S. stock market is also expanding

U.S. crude oil futures soared by 20% last week, hitting $103.41 per barrel. The impact of humidity, that is, moisture, on relevant businesses and users must be at a high level before use, with a weekly increase of 13.55%. The Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index VIX rose 17% last week, rising as much as 30%

"our prediction is that the S & P 500 index will callback by at least 5%, but this goal was not achieved last week, so I don't think there will be many new funds entering the market at the current level," said Leo grokhoski, investment director of wealth management department of Bank of New York Mellon

Judy ivekul, portfolio manager of evercore wealth management in San Francisco, believes that although there has been a considerable correction in the market, "on the whole, investors should not underestimate the current risks."

overseas media reminded investors to pay attention to two important issues this week: first, the U.S. nonfarm payrolls report to be released on March 4; The second is the speech of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, in order to find clues about quantitative or personnel who must be trained to operate the equipment easing policy

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