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International oil prices showed a mixed trend last week

international oil prices showed a mixed trend last week to improve vehicle power performance

September 18, 2018

such friction is usually referred to as fluid lubrication. There was no powerful new news in the crude oil market last week. The international oil price showed a mixed trend last week, but it closed up compared with the previous period. In addition, WTI oil prices strongly exceeded the $70/barrel mark during the week, and Brent rose for four consecutive days, breaking the $80/barrel integer mark during the session. However, after crude oil surged continuously, investors took profits, and oil prices fell at the end of the period

there was no latest news about the Sino US trade situation last week, and the tension did not deteriorate. On the contrary, there was news from the market that the United States intended to invite China to negotiate on trade issues, which alleviated the worrying atmosphere of the trade war and boosted market sentiment. Sporadic good news, led by long funds, pushed crude oil prices higher. However, the IEA delivered a certain pessimistic tone in the latest monthly report, which cooled the bull sentiment in the crude oil market to a certain extent, and the oil price fell at a high level, reversing some of the gains

outlook, the overall performance of international oil prices remained strong last week. However, in contrast, the trend of crude oil in the United States is relatively weak, and the crude oil price difference between the two places has widened again to nearly $10/barrel. The widening price difference between the two places can reflect that the geopolitical situation, especially the U.S. sanctions against Iran, will also provide strong support for the crude oil market

in addition, the current time period is relatively special for the crude oil market. On the one hand, the traditional peak consumption season in the U.S. market has ended, and the crude oil processing demand of refineries is in the transition period from boom to slack. It is necessary to pay attention to the increase and decrease of refinery operating load and crude oil inventory in the later EIA report. On the other hand, the Gulf of Mexico in the United States has gradually entered the high incidence period of Hurricane weather, which will have an impact on crude oil supply and demand, so the actual impact should be judged through specific data

as the recent crude oil market news has not fluctuated much, 1 The viscosity of the oil is too low (there is continuous oil outflow from the oil delivery valve oil return pipe when loading) the oil price is approaching the peak of the year driven by long funds. There is great psychological resistance to the crude oil price near the peak. Unless there is a sudden major positive news to push the oil price to substantially break through the high level, it is still not optimistic about the oil price trend this week, and the international oil price is still at the risk of falling from the high level

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