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According to analysis, since the polyester and polyethylene plastic films were used for commodity packaging all day in 1950, vacuum packaging machines have achieved rapid growth. Of course, compared with the United States and Japan, China has a large gap, but the growth process of their packaging industry is still worth learning from China.

the market inquiry and analysis statement of the packaging machine industry shows that the international packaging machine market competition is fierce, and the overall trend of the growth of packaging machinery is to be high-speed, efficient and high-quality, with the growth focus on low energy consumption, light weight, compact layout, small floor space The effectiveness includes the high and elegant appearance of laminated materials, fiber-reinforced thermosetting and thermoplastic composites, adapting to the environment and the needs of operators and environmental protection, and new materials such as alloy materials, polymer materials, composite materials, inorganic and non-metallic materials are also being continuously promoted and utilized. Judging from the current growth trend, the integration, intelligence and collection of food packaging machinery will become the mainstream of future growth

since polyester and polyethylene plastic films were used for commodity packaging all day in 1950, vacuum packaging machines have achieved rapid growth. The United States is a country with a long history of packaging machinery growth in the world. It has already formed independent packaging machinery parts, but most of the Jinan experimental machinery enterprises have a small range, and their types and output rank first in the world

the active operation method of the United States has been used to follow more advanced packaging. American enterprises are trying to find beneficial packaging with characteristics for the global market from the aspects of packaging materials, equipment, sales, etc. they are entering a new world of packaging with motor integration, laser scanning, radio frequency emission, nano technology and piecemeal simplification

as for Japan, the country of production, Japan started relatively late, but its packaging equipment has gone through the research process of introduction, digestion and growth. While receiving the benefits of foreign countries, it has also been improved. Japan's packaging machinery manufacturers are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, which mainly focus on two core technologies: one is to use computer technology in the packaging field, and the other is to develop advanced packaging machinery

after the production of packaging machinery and equipment, Japan will stop testing the safety, sanitation and energy conservation of packaging machinery while stopping the standard testing of products

compared with the secret news of the United States and Japan, the main performance of international packaging machinery in terms of technology is that there is a big gap between the control technology and the reliability of products. The update speed of international packaging machinery technology is slow, and the implementation scope of old technology, new information and new technology is narrow. From the overall growth level of the international packaging machinery industry, there is a big gap with rich countries. From the perspective of the products of packaging machinery, international packaging machinery equipment (2) the plastic preparation of chassis functional parts is poor, high-precision and large-scale packaging machinery products, and the degree of technological equipment is low, the equipment is old, the efficiency is low, and the accuracy is poor. These advantages make international packaging machinery enterprises less competitive in the international market

from the perspective of Japan's rise in packaging machinery, Japan has adopted old skills in other fields, and then started a new market. The successful experience of foreign packaging machinery shows that if the investment of enterprises in research and development accounts for 1% of the sales volume, it is difficult for enterprises to save it, 2% can be barely maintained, and 5% can be competitive

if international packaging machinery enterprises want to have new growth, they must strive to introduce talents, and produce marketable products when the same nano meter that increases scientific research funds is a unit of length measurement. At present, the rapid growth of international packaging machinery mainly depends on the huge international market demand. If international packaging machinery enterprises want to double their long-term growth, they must settle in the present and deal with the current achievements of lagging behind in technology and lack of funds

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