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Inner Mongolia low voltage electrical appliances

Product Name: Chint ucrete is an ideal material for food and beverage production

Enterprise Name: gold medal member of Northwest Trading Co., Ltd.

Contact: Wang Haiyang contact:

location: the ground floor of dongxinya business building, Zhaojun Road, Yuquan District, Hohhot

Product Name: lighting appliances, industrial appliances, switch sockets, generic cabling Explosion proof electrical appliances

Enterprise Name: Hohhot jinlifeng Materials Co., Ltd.

contact: Xu Zhiqin contact:

location: Hohhot jinlifeng Materials Co., Ltd.

Product Name: frequency converter, PLC, constant pressure water supply control cabinet, mechanical regulation control cabinet, temperature control cabinet, liquid level control cabinet, sensors, instruments Solenoid valve

Enterprise Name: Hohhot Kelinde motor

contact: Yang Aiping contact:

location: southwest corner of the intersection of West Street of Hohhot station and North Street of pipeline

Product Name: contactor, circuit breaker, starter, protector, leakage breaker, dual power automatic switching device, relay, instruments and meters, lighting distribution box Floor type

Enterprise Name: China Xinling Co., Ltd. Inner Mongolia general distributor

contact lambrets to use the porous material poly (4 fluoroethylene fluorocarbon polymer) and carbon fiber polymer Proplast as an artificial cornea person: Cao Xiaoping contact:

location: No. 161, Tongdao South Street, Hohhot City

Product Name: electrical device series, lighting source series, small household appliances series, complete electrical series, rubber, information system Security system

Enterprise Name: special dealer of Hangzhou Hongyan Electric Company

contact: Wang Jianming contact:

location: special dealer of Hangzhou Hongyan Electric Company to prevent dust from falling into man-machine

Product Name: electromechanical products, high and low voltage distribution cabinets, box type substation wiring fittings Wire, cable and cable accessories

Enterprise Name: Hohhot Chang'an electrical appliance sales office

contact person: Wu Mengyun contact:

location: opposite the second railway middle school in Hohhot North Street, Inner Mongolia

Product Name: floodlight FGW

Enterprise Name: Hohhot Huadeng lighting appliance firm

contact person: michuanzhuang contact:

location: No. 53, Hohhot South Chafang North Street

Product Name: Exchange Contactor, leakage circuit breaker, air switch, electricity meter box, distribution cabinet, electricity meter, wire

Company Name: Hohhot Xinguang electromechanical Distribution Department

Contact: Jin Yucun contact:

location: northeast corner of Jiaotong post, South Chafang, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia

Product Name: hardware and electrical materials, electricity meter multimeter, air switch, AC contactor, leakage switch, wire and cable, disconnector High voltage metering box

Enterprise Name: Leite heat shrinkable cable accessories Inner Mongolia general agent

contact: ye Pengfei contact:

location: opposite to Fubang downstairs Power Supply Bureau, Tongdao North Street, Huimin District, Hohhot

Product Name: Chint appliance, cable lighting box, imported cold compression joint, cable accessories, industrial plug-ins, aviation plug-ins High and low voltage switch

Enterprise Name: Shanghai Xiongying Cable Accessories Co., Ltd.

contact: Qian Zhongyin contact:

location: 309, building 3, Wenzhou electromechanical City, Tongdao North Street

Product Name:, high and low voltage electrical appliances, distribution boxes, complete electrical appliances, PVC pipes, iron pipes, cable trays Wall switch

Enterprise Name: Guangxin Power Equipment Distribution Department, Huimin District, Hohhot City

contact: Zhang Liang contact:

location: No. 9, building 6, Tongdao South Street, Hohhot City

Product Name: paint, Matsumoto wall switch, Chint electric appliance Liche accessories

Enterprise Name: Ruixiang hardware and building materials general distribution in Inner Mongolia

contact: Ren suchan contact:

location it has no odor: the sixth south of the Red Cross Road Hospital, Danan street, Yuquan District, Hohhot

Product Name: high and low voltage wires and cables, low voltage electrical appliances set equipment

Enterprise Name: Shanghai Delixi industrial group Inner Mongolia sales company

contact: Jin Weicong contact:

location: Inner Mongolia No. 66, South Chafang North Street, Hohhot, Mongolia Product Name: high and low voltage electrical appliances, box type substation, vacuum switch, wire and cable, lighting box, meter box, ground plug

Enterprise Name: Hohhot Branch of Shanghai Tianzhou electrical appliance group, Inner Mongolia ancient sales company of Sanqi Pacific Cable Accessories

Contact: Yu Ning contact:

location: south side of Tongdao North Street Power Supply Bureau

Product Name: wire and cable Bull socket, electrical switch, plumbing equipment, Yage flashlight, woodworking planer, electric tools

Company Name: Inner Mongolia Ruijin hardware, electromechanical and material supply department

Contact: Ma Ruijin contact:

location: East wall of West Tumet school, Danan Street Road, Yuquan District, Hohhot

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