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Low viscosity wet flexographic ink resin lucure7598

low imitation results show that viscosity wet flexographic ink resin lucure7598

August 24, 2020

Product Introduction

UV ink refers to an environmental friendly ink that absorbs energy of different wavelengths, solidifies, dries and forms a film under UV irradiation. It is widely used in almost all printing methods, such as UV offset ink, UV embossing ink UV silk ink, UV inkjet ink, UV gravure printing ink and Chinese plastic extruder market have also made great progress and breakthroughs in UV pad printing ink and so on

at present, runao chemical has successfully developed a three functional modified polyester acrylate lucure7598, which is mainly used in flexo printing and gravure printing inks, as well as offset printing and other inks. The resin has the characteristics of clear rut, low viscosity, low odor, and does not contain any organic volatiles. Runao Chemical Technology Center conducted a series of tests on the resin. Relevant data are summarized as follows for reference only

test method

in the transparent varnish system, a single resin with a small amount of acrylate monomer and an appropriate amount of photoinitiator are used to test the performance difference

in the color ink system, a single resin is combined with an appropriate amount of diluent and photoinitiator, and four-color pigment powder is added to grind into the corresponding ink system. The curing speed, adhesion, fluidity, pigment wettability and other properties of the resin are investigated

through experiments, it is concluded that lucure7598 has the following characteristics:

curing speed

lucure7598 resin reaches mj/cm in light curing power ² Under certain conditions, both the colorless and transparent varnish system and the colored ink system with toner have good drying speed

toughness and impact resistance

lucure7598 is coated with 15 microns on the plastic film. After drying, it breaks repeatedly and does not explode ink. As a trifunctional polyester resin, its curing shrinkage is small, and the aliphatic structure of the middle chain segment effectively ensures that the whole has good toughness and impact resistance, which can be applied to the field of bending resistance test with high requirements

wettability and fluidity of pigments

synthesmathys and Smith nephew account for ≈ 75% of the global orthopedic materials and devices market. In the resin system,% organic pigments are added respectively, and grinding and proofing are carried out. It is confirmed that lucure7598 has good wetting and dispersibility for four-color pigments, especially for the grinding of organic blue pigments, and the resin has good fluidity in both transparent varnish system and colored ink system


the adhesion characteristic is one of the important properties of a UV resin. We took this into full consideration when synthesizing lucure7598 design. We have carried out parallel comparative tests on various plastic materials such as pppvcabspc, as well as some gold and silver cardboard commonly used in the market, and the conventional UV resin in the market. It is confirmed that lucure7598 has good adhesion to the substrate that is difficult to adhere

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