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Low carbon economy science popularization Expo glass film house can be insulated

national science popularization day and low carbon economy science popularization Expo was held in hall 5 of Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center yesterday, and it was popular, especially in Ningbo. But what enterprises should pay attention to is: 1. The growth rate of automobile production and sales with the largest weight in the total industrial volume is picking up; 2. The cumulative order volume of key enterprises in the machinery industry has warmed up, and the exhibition area of carbon agricultural production, industrial technology and life services is full of low-carbon products, which really makes people feel that low-carbon technology makes life better

washing a car can reduce water consumption by 90%

on a booth, there are rows of watering cans, which are very similar to the tools for spraying pesticides in rural areas. The staff said that this is used to wash the car, which is called an electric car washer. I saw him press the switch, raise the water spray gun, and spray water out. After careful observation, it is found that it is very different from the water spray gun in the car washing shop. The water flow is much finer and the speed is slower

"this is what makes our products special." Zhou Hecheng, chief engineer of Ningbo Yilin Plastic Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd., said that compared with the conventional car washing tool, the most important thing is to change the water outlet device

the traditional car wash shop will wash the car with a large water spray gun. The water pressure is very strong, and the water splashes everywhere, which is very wasteful. After reducing the water pressure and changing the water outlet device, the water flow becomes obedient and goes to one place

Zhou Hecheng calculated an account: "generally, it takes at least 200 liters of water to wash a car in a car washing shop. As long as we use a watering can of water, our products can wash for 10 minutes, just 18 liters."

Zhou Hecheng said that now this product is not only an indispensable basic production link for a large number of industrial and agricultural products, but also priced at about 600 yuan. It has just been put on the market and is mostly purchased by private people

put a film on the window glass to insulate the heat and ultraviolet rays

all car owners know that putting a film on the window glass can isolate ultraviolet rays. Now the glass windows at home can also be coated, which can insulate heat and ultraviolet rays, and save energy consumption of air conditioning. And its price is much cheaper than car window film, only 180 yuan/square meter

Ningbo hesenda Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd., which masters this technology, moved the "energy-saving house" to the exhibition. Many visitors looked around: it was a red house with two windows in each room. In the two rooms, Yuba lights are on, and there is a thermometer on each of the two glass windows to measure the outdoor temperature. One glass shows 47.2 ℃: the other glass shows 58.5 ℃. The glass with low temperature is pasted with a film coated with five metals such as silver and titanium, which makes it difficult for indoor heat to be emitted outside. Similarly, if the sun shines, the coated glass can block 67% of solar heat and 99% of ultraviolet light

the magic power-saving faucet produces hot water in one second

there is a faucet in the exhibition area that is very eye-catching. Its "neck" is thicker than an ordinary faucet. When it is turned on, hot water flows out

is the water heater connected? After looking around, I didn't find it, but I found that it had one more wire than an ordinary faucet, plugged in. Many visitors asked, "is it a special charge of electricity to produce hot water so soon?"

the staff said, "because this instant faucet directly produces hot water, it saves 12% of the electricity than the electric water heater by eliminating the links of water storage, heat preservation and preheating, and the price is about 400 yuan only when the sample leaks or breaks and automatically alarms and automatically closes the road."

the new air purifier can be used repeatedly

in the Ningbo workers' low carbon practice exhibition area hosted by the Municipal Federation of trade unions, there is a colorful round particle smaller than sesame, which looks like candy in a glass container. Of course, it's not candy. It's a new air purifier displayed by an enterprise in Jiangbei, Ningbo. Particles of different colors have different uses, respectively for cars, kitchens, toilets, shoe cabinets, etc

most of the common air purifiers in our daily life are made of bamboo charcoal. This new air purifier is made of attapulgite clay, known as the "king of earth". It has better adsorption effect and the price is similar to that of bamboo charcoal

the staff said, "this air purifier takes effect in 3 minutes and can adsorb formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and other harmful substances in the air. The amount of 250 grams can purify the air in a space of 5 ~ 10 square meters. Moreover, if you feel that the effect is not good after a period of time, you can let it be exposed to the sun for 2 hours, and the effect will be restored and can be used repeatedly."

Jiang Ding, Ruan Fangfang, correspondent of southeast business daily, lukexia

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