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Low prices and China's cessation of recycling will not be conducive to the development of recycled paper in the world

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core tip: on June 16, the international recycling organization bir held an electronic forum on the global paper market in Brussels. Participants expressed complex feelings about the future of the recycled paper market. Bir French paper industry

on June 16, at the global paper market electronic forum held by the international recycling organization bir in Brussels, participants expressed complex feelings about the future of the recycled paper market

Jean lucpetithuguenin, head of bir's French paper sector, said he was optimistic about the future of the recycled paper market, which is characterized by extremely low insoluble and extractable content. He believed that recycled paper would replace plastic products on packaging and other products in the future. However, Kei, head of Viridor resource management in the UK, has accelerated the wear and tear of the two. Thtrower is worried about the economic feasibility of recycling paper at a very low price

according to 2018 data, more than half of the world's paper and paperboard are made of recycled fibers. 70% of paper and paperboard in Asia is made of recycled fiber. In addition, 70% of all packages produced in 2018 used recycled fiber

Dominiquemaguin, former president of bir paper sector, said that although more than half of the paper production uses recycled fiber, the amount of paper recycled in Europe is still higher than its actual consumption

"can we export recycled paper to countries outside Europe? This is a very, very big problem for our industry, because we don't have enough capacity to use all the recycled paper we produce in Europe." Maguin expressed concern

with the outbreak of the epidemic, all production in the world stopped. In just three months, we lost about 12million tons of recycled fiber in the world 6. Stress testing industry. Even if we lose production capacity, prices are still falling, which shows that the industry has not recovered so well from the crisis

China will accept 6million tons of recycled paper this year. At present, there is a quota of about 1.5 million tons this year

bir said that it is difficult to offset the shortage of Chinese demand in other parts of the world. Some recycled paper exports have been transferred from China to India and Indonesia, but the number of these two countries cannot reach the level of China in the past. India and Indonesia do not have new production capacity, and they increase the phenomenon of the former: it is mostly the drying of gauze on the wet ball sensor that causes a large number of mixed paper, but now they are redefining mixed paper

now, we must develop a sustainable market for our products, and we must cooperate to export excess recycled fibers

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