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Low carbon emission reduction - bottle blowing machines are welcomed by drinking water enterprises

since the Copenhagen climate conference was held at the end of last year, the concept of low carbon has become popular in various industries. Water is the source of life. However, the carbon emissions brought by the production of bottled water have been criticized by some consumers, such as the removal of connecting parts. However, the low-carbon economy has quietly affected the operation of the entire industry. More business leaders pointed out that more electricity, less oil; Multi purpose degradable materials; Optimal efficiency means optimal cost and energy consumption. According to the interview, at present, some large-scale drinking water enterprises have been optimizing their production processes and striving to build a low-carbon green water industry

Tan Wenjian, Jingtian brand manager, said that advanced technology is the best embodiment of low-carbon emission reduction, making the utilization rate of water higher and naturally achieving energy conservation and emission reduction. His industry concentration is low. This adhesive refers to the introduction of some problems through bonding. In 2009, Jingtian introduced the world's most advanced German Krones production line, which is the only water enterprise in the drinking water industry in South China that has completely introduced this set of equipment; Although the daily price of the production line is as high as tens of millions, its bottle blowing, canning and capping integrated equipment can better reduce energy consumption and eliminate secondary pollution

the relevant person in charge of Dinghu Mountain spring said that at present, the industry is developing a more environmentally friendly and energy-saving injection and blow bottle machine equipment. Although the cost is hundreds of thousands higher, if the development is successful, Dinghu Mountain spring is willing to buy it. It is understood that as the first enterprise in the domestic drinking water industry to introduce a manipulator loading and unloading platform, Dinghu Mountain spring can greatly reduce the consumption of human resources, and the manipulator can automatically stamp the code of barreled water, which can avoid the loosening of bottle caps caused by manual stamping, causing secondary pollution

rizhiquan has also added two fully automatic bottle blowing machines this year, which greatly accelerates the speed of bottle blowing and reduces the energy consumption of the machine. On the other hand, fully automatic production also saves a lot of human resources. In the past, the bottle factory needed 600 workers, but only 300 after the new equipment was installed. Said yuanjianxiong, general manager of rizhiquan

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